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Haylie and Hilary Duff pose for photographers

Haylie Duff Comments On Sister Hilary's Revival of Hit Series 'Lizzie McGuire'

Gettyimages | Rachel Murray
By Chris Barilla

Haylie Duff is opening up in a new interview about her sister, Hilary Duff's revival of her hit early 2000's Disney program, 'Lizzie McGuire,' which became a cult classic of sorts amongst kids programs while it was on the air and even today.

Fans are already ecstatic for the revival's highly anticipated premier, which is slated during 2020 exclusively on Disney+, the company's new streaming service. Duff discussed the details surrounding her sister's newest endeavour in an interview with 'Pop Culture'.

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"I'm excited for it!" Haylie told the publication, adding "I don't know that much about it, but I'm excited for it. I think it's going to be really cute and fun and I'm happy for her that she's doing that."

'Lizzie McGuire' originally appeared on the Disney channel back in 2001, and was eventually cancelled three years later in 2004. Its short shelf life on the Disney roster aside, 'Lizzie McGuire' left a permanent impact and helped shape Duff's career subsequently.

Haylie Duff smiles for photographers
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Aside from being supportive in a professional sense, the sisters are very involved with each other's parenting processes.

"A lot of our parenting is in line with each other, but there's so much advice from everyone coming to you all the time when you're a parent, that both of us have taken the approach of like, we're not going to push our way onto each other," Duff said. "We're just going to be there to support each other, because everyone wants to feel like they're making the best decisions for their family. I think the support of each other's decisions is the best way to really be there for one another."

Hilary Duff smiles for photographers
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Despite growing increasingly busier as they get older, Duff maintains that the sisters make quality time for one another, "We both are pulled in a lot of different directions because of our kids. We had a fun little family dinner last week, but you know, she's got two kids running different directions, I've got two kids running and I've got a business, she's got a business," she went on to say "It's harder that we wish it was sometimes to all get together, but we live close by, so we try! But it doesn't always happen."

Hilary Duff smiles for photographers
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Despite the hectic nature of her life and relationship with her sister, Duff maintains that they are still actively a part of each other's lives. The pair most recently got involved with Nonni's Biscottis which is working to raise money to fight cancer, commenting, "You know, when they asked me to part of this, I was excited to participate in their Dip and Donate campaign because the initiative behind it, it's all good things. ... I love that Nonni's is asking people to get involved by hosting their own Dip and Donate parties, and I love that with a simple tag, they're willing to donate a dollar for every tag up until December,."

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