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Little girl hugging a puppy

Why Movies About Dogs Inspire Us

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By Tia Kitchens

Why are dogs so amazing? Well, there are a few reasons actually. Move on over cat lovers (we love you) but this is for all those dog people out there. Dogs are our four legged fuzzy best friends that comes in all shapes and sizes.

There is even a dedicated website for learning if the dog dies in a movie. You know how that is. You are sitting there watching a movie, and the dog just dies and it ruins the whole thing. We are looking at you Will Smith. But why do dog movies hit us so hard?

Marley and me cast
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Let's look at the movie Marley and Me. Arguably one of the sadder dog movies out there. She was the worst dog according to the movie but she really tugged at our hearts. Who doesn't have at least one dog in their lives that acts just like her?

Sure she was trouble but that is what love can withstand. The ending was just so sad. We all felt our hearts being ripped out the moment she got sick. We all got worried and it was with good cause. But Marley showed us that love can be hard but doesn't make it worth less.

Statue of Togo
Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Coming up as another reason is dogs inspire us to do all sorts of things. Let's look at our beloved new Disney dog, Togo. Togo is the real life dog that saved people by fighting through the cold to get medicine to people in need. This dog inspires us to conquer things we think we can't.

If a dog can save a village, then surely we can go to that anxiety inducing party we really don't want to attend. We all wish we were as brave as Togo and hopefully, we can all see that one day.

Akita dog
Gettyimages | Sandra Schmid

Another big reason dogs inspire us is dogs are full of love. Cheesy but true. Take Hatchi's loyalty to his owner even after his owner passed. This dog is real and inspired a whole town in Japan to be as faithful and loving as this dog was to his owner.

Dogs give us this love that make our hearts fill with joy. We need to be more like them and just go with the flow of life. No matter if we are sad we need to know that someone out there loves us. In Hatchi's case it ended up being the whole town and later the world. He has dedicated statue to him now.


Dogs are some of the best things to walk this earth. They make us happy and can even inspire us to do things we didn't think we could. Plus having a little fuzzy butt that wiggles when too happy is pretty cute. How could you not love the full-body tail wags? They are pretty stinkin' cute if we do say so ourselves.

Just remember. Your dog loves you and you should be the person your dog thinks you are. The best person alive. Go give them a big hug for us or a boop!

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