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Details why Queen Elizabeth II liked her grandson's love interest has been revealed

The Reasons Why Queen Elizabeth II was Fond of Megan Markle From the Beginning

Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo
By Angelic Conoscere

When news had hit that Prince Harry was in relationship with American actress Meghan Markle many began to wonder how the Queen would react. It was suspected that Queen Elizabeth II would have been disappointed or not too pleased of her grandson's choosing due to her being from the United States and that she was previously married. These assumptions were the exact opposite of what the Queen actually felt towards Meghan Markle. It has been revealed that she was initially pleased that Prince Harry had sought out a relationship with Markle.

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Recent News

Prince Harry, Wife Megan and their son Archie
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The Royal Family has been frequently talked about since Prince Harry began dating, eventually married then had a son named Archie with Markle. There has been ongoing stories of the Royal couple that have not portrayed in a positive light. There has been much criticism on Meghan, much of it being unnecessary. Although Prince Harry, Meghan and Archie have recently separated from themselves from the Royal Family and they have been greatly criticized for their move the Queen has been understanding.

Strong Work Ethic

The former actress, Meghan Markle.
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Prior to becoming The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle began her career at a young age. She sought out a career in acting appearing in American television shows such as Suits and movies like Horrible Bosses. Even though Markle received criticism for her appearance in the show Deal or No Deal it was clear that Meghan had a strong will for her success. Her work ethic made her quite favorable in the Queen's eye. Markle's American fans cheered for her as they felt that she would be fit well in the Royal Family.

The Queen's Positive Perspective

The Queen and The Duchess of Sussex share smiles
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Queen Elizabeth II has to keep the future of her family in mind and ensure that new members of the family will be exceptional at carrying out various royal duties. While Markle's work ethic gave Queen Elizabeth II allowed her to view her grandsons wife in a positive manner, Meghan's involvement in charity events also made her favorable in the Queen's eye. Markle has been involved in multiple charity causes, one of them being her involvement with the Myna Mahila Foundation.

A Young Philantropist

Meghan Markle expressed her concerns with the gender equality at an astonishing age of 11. The preteen had tackled a soaps company after she had seen their advertisement focusing on women cleaning dirty dishes. Once she received feedback and soap company changed their wording in the advertisement Meghan realized how impactful her voice can be. Decades later, her willingness to advocate on the behalf of women unknowingly help her win over Prince Harry and most importantly his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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