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Fox and the Future of Streaming Services

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By Justin Anakani

FOX corps has been in the talks about getting a free streaming services called Tubi for $500 Million Dollars. This trend of big corporations getting streaming services is linked to the increased desire to grow the company and entertainment industry by allowing consumers put in as little effort as possible to watch their favorite shows and movie. NBC is starting their own streaming services and is pulling the Office from Netflix. Disney recently created Disney+, which is extremely successful. Streaming is obviously the future of entertainment and FOX is trying to capitalize on it.

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Appeal of Streaming Services

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Streaming services are the new big sources of entertainment. This industry takes advantage of peoples' willingness to stay at home and give them all their favorite sources of entertainment at a click of a button or a swipe of a thumb. Movies and theaters are still popular or wanted but it's treated as a special occasion, as an opportunity to hang out with friends or families. With streaming, the consumer can enjoy their favorite films and TV shows but not make it a huge event and at their earliest convenience.

Why FOX would consider

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Tubi is a free streaming service that's relatively new, it started in 2014 in San Francisco, California. It's an ad supported platform with unskippable commercials that viewers much watch through in order to enjoy their content. However, this may change if FOX is able to acquire Tubi, they may just switch it into a paid streaming service or increase the ads to squeeze as much profit as possible from the junior streaming platform. FOX is trying to get their hands on the streaming service cash like every other big entertainment industry.

Competition Increase

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Netflix had its hand on the streaming services money for a very long time and has been reaping the benefits for its early decisions. Originally, it was one of the few platforms to stream TV shows and movies at the convenience of the consumer's home. However as time went on and other corporations started to catch on, Netflix has been gaining even more competition. NBC, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and the infamous Disney+ are new streaming platforms that are growing and becoming more popular by the day.

Future of Streaming Services

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People are viewing the content in new ways never seen before in the last decade. Entertainment and the form in which entertainment comes in is always changing and people are readily susceptible to this. Entertainment and how the audience perceives it is always evolving and it is advantageous for companies to get a whiff on what's going popular in the future and to capitalize on it. FOX is playing catch up right now in a race that has started a long time ago.

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