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Paris Hilton surprises fans with new documentary

Paris Hilton to Debut a New Documentary Highlighting Her True Self

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Jennifer R Donnelly

Almost everyone in the modern age knows who Paris Hilton is. As the ultra-rich heir to the Hilton dynasty, and a well-known TV personality, Hilton's enjoyed her share of the limelight for most of her life. Branching out into music, clothing, perfume, and more, the socialite turned entrepreneur seems to have it all. The only problem is that Hilton feels that her public persona doesn't quite match the woman off screen. In an effort to show fans her true self, Hilton has partnered with YouTube to create a new documentary entitled: "This is Paris"

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Hilton opens up to fans in new documentary
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The widely-anticipated documentary is said to debut in May of this year, leaving fans anxious for its arrival. The documentary aims to provide an honest account of Hilton's day to day life, and to showcase Paris's behind-the-scenes persona. In an interview with "Deadline" Hilton revealed that the filming of the project was both "raw", and highly "emotional", going on to add this: "I’ve never done anything like this in my life. In this film I discuss things I’ve never discussed before. I hope that people are going to see who I truly am.

After a long hiatus, the original queen of reality TV is back!
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Hilton also explains that a great majority of her past television appearances were based upon a character of sorts, designed to play into stereotypes, and exaggerate aspects of her personality. While this may have served to make Hilton a household name, the star now wants to set the record straight about who she truly is. At a press event for the Television Critics Association, Hilton spoke out about her motive behind the documentary, sharing some insight into why this film was so important to her.

Hilton sits down with television critics association to discuss new project
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"Everything I’ve ever done before was more of me just playing that character again, but with this I really just wanted to pull the curtain back and show my real life and talk about things that were very hard to talk about and things that I’ve experienced in life that I’ve never talked about before.” The film's producer, Aaron Saidman shared the same desire for the project, responding to Hilton's commentary by saying this: "The film, in a way, is a response to that early persona and the character that she was portraying. It’s an attempt to deconstruct that and learn who she is as a woman and what she’s been through. That complex nature of a human being that we often don’t stop to examine because they’re a celebrity or an icon.

New revelations about Hilton as a person
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With other celebrities engaging in behind-the-scenes documentaries, like Lady Gaga's "Five Foot Two", and Justin Bieber's new YouTube series, "Seasons", it seems that Hilton has chosen a prime time release her tell-all documentary. One surprising revelation to be gleamed from the documentary is Hilton's love of frog hunting! As a passionate animal advocate, Hilton doesn't harm the frogs, she just truly enjoys capturing them and then placing them back. Needless to say, this is a far cry from the orchestrated socialite persona we have all come to associate her with. Let us know in the comments below if you're excited for Paris's new documentary!

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