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Diddy Brings Back 'Making The Band'

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By kenadijiba

It is official America’s favorite rapper turned businessman, and now regarded as a legend has decided to bring back his era defining show “Making The Band”. Interestingly enough although he is maintaining involvement on the creative side of the camera, and making comical appearances his sons will be the ones carrying the show this time around. It is going to be gripping to see how well, or how bland this show could be with this newer generation of people who might not even have had knowledge on the significance of the original show.

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Diddy's Three Son's

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Watching Diddy’s three sons describe how excited they are to be apart of this fresh revival was comforting because of their similarities to their father, and his energy. Even though Diddy isnt an official judge on the show his sons are basically so tied to his likeness that there won't be a desire for his presence. In fact it might be a smart move on Puffy’s behalf when it comes to continuing on his legacy for this future generation’s young people.

Singing Contest's

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Aren’t people tired of these singing contest shows? With an over saturation of this type of television it is a wonder as to why networks keep greenlighting them. With “Making The Band” specifically there was a different flavor to it that set it apart from “American Idol”, and “X Factor”. There was in the early 2000’s a drop of authenticity that these other bubble gum pop shows just didn't, and still to this day don't. So, with this return to the public domain maybe Diddy will change up the way musical contests are produced.

Puffy's Past

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When people do think about P. Diddy which might not be too often in all honesty, the nostalgia begins to run by. The flashbulb moments in time with Jennifer Lopez, and Biggie will always be regarded as magnificent and with many of his past problems brought to the light, it is nice to see he has taken the time to focus on his children. Fantastically enough each of his sons has their own respected fields.

The Future Legacy


You can tell by analyzing his sons careers that he spent much needed quality time with them. To break it down, his son Christian Combs is a model that to the roaring of many made an appearance in Rihanna’s “Savage Fenty” show. He also is a musician who probably is the most alike in cadence to his father. Diddy's other son Justin was a decent football player and has been known to date well known women like, Lori Harvey which had its own drama surrounding the relationship considering she went on to date his father. Then, Diddy’s adopted son Quincy who is the least problematic of all, and has acted in top tier shows like “Star” alongside the beautiful Ryan Destiny.

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