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Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza on Unexpected

'Unexpected's' Max Schenzel Arrest For A Second Time On Domestic Violence Charges
By Kay Lewis

TLC’s “Unexpected” needs to hurry up and return as soon as possible. The cast of the show is no strangers to drama. Both on and off the screen there have been incidents that fans of the show delight in watching unfold. Especially when it comes to Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza. In December, news broke that Max was arrested after getting into an altercation with the mother of his daughter, Ava. The incident came as no surprise to fans who have watched Max blow-up time and time again on the show.

Max Schenzel and Cjhloe Mendoza filming for Unexpected

The incident that took place in December involved the police. Chloe’s mom and stepfather who have had a lot to say about her relationship with Max who they see as immature and troubled are concerned for their daughter. Chole has always maintained that she refuses to not allow Max in Ava’s life and this could be why she was at the same house as him when the December domestic incident took place. It happened around 7 A.M. the police were called by neighbors who could hear the two fighting. When the police showed up Max claims, he was on his way out to get an ice pack for Chloe’s face.

Chloe and Ava

He admitted to the police that he and Chloe has been “verbally arguing over a topic he could not recall.” The officer's report said that Max admitted to “accidentally” hitting Chloe in the face when he threw his phone in anger. He also made sure to mention that he did not throw the phone at her per se, but it ended up hitting her. It was reported that when the police saw Chloe, she had visible injuries. “Chloe had a swollen nose and brow with distinct 1″ raised lump at the top of her nose. I also observed a 2mm red line under her right eye. Chloe was crying and had red watery eyes.”

Chloe and Ava

When Max was arrested in December, he has numerus charges against him including some in regards his probation and possible violations. His probation was subsequently revoked because of this and he was sentenced to three months in jail. But fans are wondering when that three months will start seeing as he was arrested again on Thursday. Reports show that Max was booked in Maricopa County around 2 A.M. with an almost identical charge to the one he received in December.

Chloe and Max

Next up for Max is a pre-trial set for February 27. Besides that, it looks like his two biggest supporters Chloe and his probation officer are no longer willing to deal with Max and his antics. We can only imagine that Chloe’s parents are excited about this. It looks like Chloe has unfollowed Max on social media which would normally be a sure-fire sign that someone is done with someone else but, Chloe has done this in the past and still ended up with Max. Only time will tell what will happen with these two but with jail time looming over Max he shouldn’t hold his breath.

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