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Is Jim Bob To Blame For Duggar Family Rift?

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By Carol Cassada

Rumors of a family rift in the Duggar clan continue to grow.

At the center of the family feud is Jim Bob Duggar and his son-in-law Derick Dillard.

Derick is married to Jill Duggar, and he's been very vocal about the way his in-laws treat his children.

Adding more fuel to the family rift rumors, Derrick says that Jill is not allowed at The Duggar house unless Jim Bob is there.

As fan continue to speculate over the family's rift, many wonder if Jim Bob is to blame for the feud.

Derick's accusations

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Jill's husband Derick continues to shed light about the relationship between him, Jill, and the Duggar family.

Derick often goes on social media to reveal new tidbits and sometimes throw shade at his in-laws, especially Jim Bob.

According to Derick, Jim Bob takes the money the Duggar kids earn from Counting On and pockets it for himself.

That's just one of the accusations Derick has made about Jim Bob, and according to Derick there's much more the fans don't know about.

Derick promises he'll reveal all of the Duggar secrets in a tell-all memoir.

Another reason for Jill being banned?

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Jill continues to remain close to her sisters Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna. She's even made a recent appearance on Counting On, leading to speculation she was returning to the show.

While Jill has a good relationship with her older siblings, she hasn't been seen with her parents or her younger siblings in a while.

Even though Derick is receiving blame for causing the rift between Jill and her family, it could be Jill's lifestyle choices that's keeping her from the Duggar clan.

The Duggars have very conservative and religious values that the children were taught to obey.

However, as many of the Duggar girl grew older and married, they started to break some of the rules. Jill and some of her sisters have started wearing pants instead of skirts.

Another rule that Jill apparently broke is that she's on birth control, which goes against her family's beliefs.

Jill's lifestyle choices seems to have drawn concern from her parents.

Is Jim Bob to blame?

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Fans continue to weigh in with their opinions about the family feud.

A majority of the Duggar fans appear to be siding with Jill and Derick in this situation.

Viewers have seen how Jim Bob and Michelle run their household on 19 Kids and Counting. The couple often came under fire for their strict rules.

The recent rumors suggest that Jim Bob disapproves of his daughter's lifestyle, especially with her clothing and the decision to use birth control. Jim Bob fears this will set a bad example for the younger children, and wants to limit her contact with the other siblings.

If this latest rumor is true, fans feel it's unfair. Jill's other sisters have broken the family's rules, yet they appear to still have a good relationship with their parents and other siblings.

Will Jim Bob change his mind?

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As new rumors continue to circulate over the ever-growing rift, many wonder if the Duggars will ever work out their differences.

Jill and Derick have been greatly affected by the rift, and are trying to work things out with the Duggars.

However, it appears Jim Bob and Michelle don't want to budge in their decision.

Jim Bob has always preached about the importance of family, kindness, and learning to forgive.

Yet, the feud with Jill and Derick has made Jim Bob look like a hypocrite.

It seems like it's Jim Bob's decision on whether he wants to make amends with his daughter and son-in-law, or let this rift continue.

For now, fans continue to hope and pray that the family will eventually find it in their hearts to forgive each other.

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