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Ryan Blaney Showered With Fan Support After He Breaks Silence About The Ryan Newman Wreck

Gettyimages | Jared C. Tilton
By Clark Sparky

It was likely a tough few days for NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney following the Daytona 500 on Monday night. It was his car that made contact with the back of Ryan Newman's, sending him headfirst into the wall at full speed.

On Thursday, Blaney broke his silence about the wreck in a statement to fans on Twitter.

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"I don't think you will ever see someone as tough as Ryan Newman, to see him walk out of that hospital with his girls brought a tear to my eye," Blaney wrote. "I was lucky enough to speak with him last night briefly about what happened Monday, it was just good to hear his voice to be honest. His Ryan Newman humor was at large and brought a smile to my face. The recovery he has made the past few days have been remarkable. I look forward to seeing him soon to talk about it more."

He continued, "We are all competitors racing for wins every weekend but at the same time are one big family, and you never want to see family get hurt. Have been replaying the events in my head over and over about what I could've done differently ever since.

"I'm very lucky to have a great family, friends, team and incredible fans that have helped me out this week. I can't thank everyone enough for that," he said.

"I can't wait to have Rocketman Ryan Newman back at the track racing as hard as ever."

Giphy | NASCAR

Fans filled his mentions with positive messages soon after the post went live.

"We are all thankful and grateful to see Newman’s recovery. You’ve had an amazing support system all around you, and real fans will continue to be here supporting you through the good and bad. Good luck this weekend hun," one wrote.

"So glad to see you back and finally hear your voice so to say. I know it’s been tough for you I could only imagine. Keep your head up, and thank you for being who you are Blaney!" another wrote.

"You are pure class Ryan. Your fans love you, support you and will always have your back. Go get ‘em this weekend," a third commented.

"You are mature beyond your age. That comes from a good family foundation. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. I think your ability to relate to fans as one of us is something we’ve not seen in the sport in years," added a fan.

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