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Lil Jon, Usher and Ludacris the trio in the Lover & Friends song

The Throwback Music Festival Lovers & Friends is Still Taking Place

Gettyimages | Frank Micelotta
By Angelic Conoscere

Music festivals have been a highlight for fans wishing to see various artists perform on a stage. One of the most recent music festivals that have popped up is the Lovers & Friends Festival presented by Goldenvoice; a major promotional company. The festival grabbed the attention of fans who love throwback jams from the 90's and 2000's while also adding some new artists to the lineup. However, the festival was in question when artists began stating that they have yet to book for the event.

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Uncertain at the Beginning

Lil' Kim one of the many artists said to be performing at the Lovers&Friends Festival
Gettyimages | Maury Phillips

It was not long after the flyer for the music festival was displayed across the web that some of the artists went to social media denying their involvement. This caused uncertainty among fans when multiple artists claimed they were not made aware of their participation until they saw their name on the flyer nor had received a payment for the event. This caused worries and was feared that it would be similar to the outcome of the deceitful 2017 Frye Festival.

Some of the artists involved

Twista, one of the artists who stated he had yet to be paid for the May event.
Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin/BET

Artists such as Lil' Kim went to her social media notifying her fans that her appearing at the festival was not true. The post was then deleted from her account. A manager of Trina's was also vocal on the artist learning of her involvement once the flyer was sent out. Once she had went to her social media to deny her involvement, the promotional company had contacted them shortly after. It is clear that there was much confusion surrounding the announcement of the music festival.

The Misunderstanding

The R&B group 112 will be one of the many acts set to perform
Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

Although there were a few artists that were stunned and vocal against the their involvement, others gave hope that the music festival was taking place. The main headliners for Lovers & Friends showed they were onboard by retweeting a post Goldenvoice had sent out. Some of the parties involved suggest that the misunderstanding stemmed from documents and payments not being finalize prior to the announcement of the festival. Bobby Dee Presents, another promotion company working alongside Goldenvoice understood the panic the fans may have felt but wanted the fans to stay calm. Greg Browning, someone who works closely with the group 112 gave a positive outlook on the man behind Bobby Dee Presents, Bobby Dee. Browning states that he works with Dee multiple times during the year and portrays him as being "very thorough with his business".

Easing the Tension


It was important to have all acts in support for the music festival so fans will see it as a legit event. Dee suggests that the response from some of the artists were out of his control. Twista took responsibility for his mistake on the matter claiming that he was "smoking too much". Trina's camp was compensated with an additional bonus for being taken back on the announcement. A co-promoter of Dee's came to help clear the air with Lil' Kim, none other than "Snoop Dogg". The two well-known rap artist were able to come to an agreement and shortly after Lil Kim went to her social media expressing her participation. Now that the issues have been resolved, fans can look forward to seeing this monumental throwback music festival taking place May 8th and 9th at The Grounds at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

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