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Cara Delevingne To Justin Bieber: 'If You Have Nothing Against Me, Then Why Don't You Unblock Me?'

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By Michael Coe

In a recent appearance on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, Justin Bieber agreed to a risky request during the "Spill Your Guts" segment: ranking how much he likes wife Hailey Baldwin's friends in order of most to least. Bieber rated her close friends as follows: Kendall Jenner (most), Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne.

Bieber clarified that the ranking was not intended to cause any bad blood, stating, "I know Kendall the best — I’ve spent the most time with Kendall. She’s a good friend of ours. I haven’t spent a lot of time with Gigi and I haven’t spent a lot of time with Cara. So I have nothing against those people, it’s just I have a better relationship — it’s not like I’m like ‘Screw Cara!’

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Bieber's disclaimer was apparently not enough to satisfy Cara Delevingne, who took to Instagram this morning to take Bieber to task for his ratings. She posted the Late, Late Show clip along with an old picture of Bieber admiring her during 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with the caption, "Now vs. Then If you have nothing against me, then why don't you unblock me? Love you @haileybieber - he should have just eaten the bull penis." The bull penis remark references the "Spill Your Guts" stipulation that if you don't answer a question during the segment, you have to eat a disgusting food item.

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Commenters expressed amusement at the response, with actress Ashley Benson and fashion illustrator Hayden Williams both commenting with various laughing emojis. Other comments, mainly from Bieber supporters, were less enthusiastic, with one user stating, "he literally explained why, there is nothing wrong with what he said - he’s a lot closer to Kendall compared to you...all you did was talk shit about him last year so what do you expect? It’s not that deep anyway, why are you so pressed - you’re not gonna be everyone’s favourite."


This is not the first time that Delevingne has fired shots at Bieber. As a member of Taylor Swift's legendary "Bad Blood" squad, Delevingne went on the offensive during the Taylor vs. Scooter Braun feud of 2019; when Bieber voiced his support of Braun, Delevingne posted, “as a married man, you should be lifting women up instead of tearing them down because you are threatened. I am not sure you actually understand what an apology is. This issue that @taylorswift is talking out is about far more than a picture and you know that. As you said, you haven’t spoken to her in years which means you definitely don’t understand the situation. I do. Take a step back and try and learn from this. We should all be on the same team. End of story.”

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So far, Bieber has not offered a response to Delevingne's post. It is, of course, possible that this whole situation is not as serious as it appears...but at the same time, if Delevingne really is blocked by Bieber then there may truly be a feud after all.

Bieber is currently promoting his new album Changes, as well as the docu-series Seasons, currently available on YouTube. Delevingne was recently seen in the music video for Halsey's single "Nightmare", which currently sits at 85 million views on YouTube.

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