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Amanda Bynes caught by paparazzi

Amanda Bynes's Wedding Ring May Not Be A Real Diamond

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard
By Kay Lewis

Amanda Bynes has had one hell of a week. It has mostly been good things which is a slight change for Bynes who has been a complete mess for the past few years. However, the actress has a lot of good things to be excited about. She is engaged, embarking on a new career in fashion and she has been sober for a year now. Unfortunately, after announcing her engagement, Bynes, happy news was quickly met with negativity. It is now being reported that Bynes shouldn’t get too excited about her engagement because her mom has the final say on whether or not she can get married. In addition, her there are allegations that her ring is not a real diamond.

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Sources close to the family say that Bynes mom, Lynn Organ is not happy about her daughter’s engagement. Bynes announced on Valentine’s Day that her boyfriend of just a little less than a year has asked to marry her. She certainly seemed overjoyed and happy in the moment. Unfortunately, Bynes has had a lot of issues with drugs and mental health in the past and is no longer allowed to make certain decisions about her life due to a conservatorship that her mother controls.

Amanda Bynes on her phone
Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz

Similar to Britney Spears, Bynes conservatorship was put in place because of some of the reckless and dangerous behavior she displayed the last few years. Bynes family believes that she is not ready to be engaged especially because it has only been a year of sobriety for her. If her family wasn’t concerned before, they are now. A source has claimed that Bynes family have found out that her ring may not be real. One of the reasons they are inclined to believe this is because her ring was bought on Amazon.

Amada Bynes at MTV Movie Awards
Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

Yes, that ring that Bynes was showing off on her social media accounts was actually from and cost a whopping $49. We all like to believe that we are getting married for the love and the size and price of the ring does not matter. However, when the situation surrounding the engagement was already suspect it’s hard to look past what could now be considered a red flag. Bynes met her fiancé now identified as Paul Michael in AA. I’m not an expert on sober living and AA but aren’t you supposed to stay single while in recovery?

Amanda Bynes posing for a photo
Gettyimages | Michael Tran is now reporting that Bynes knows the ring is a fake and se is totally fine with it and willing ot move forward in a marriage. Bynes has described Paul as “drop-dead gorgeous"” in her social media post and the “best person on the face of the Earth.” Fans are skeptical after finding out a bit more about Paul like the fact that he does not have a job. Her family is hoping that this relationship is a rebound because she was in a more serious relationship right before this one.

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