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Chrissy Teigen talking with her baby at families belong together

4 Reasons Why We love Chrissy Teigen

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By Tia Kitchens

In all the chaos of this world, there is this woman who takes it all and keeps going. Chrissy Teigen is a wonderful mom of two cute beans, Luna (3) and Miles (21 months). She is a woman that shows what family can be and that family isn't always perfect. She may be a celebrity but she never forgets that she is human too. It is one of the many reasons we love her!

Below are four reasons we love Chrissy Teigen with all our hearts!

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Chrissy in white blouse
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She Doesn't Fall Into Stereotypes

Chrissy doesn't want to fall into any stereotypes when it comes to her children. She doesn't want to just assume that her daughter will be a daddy's girl. The same goes for her son. She doesn't want to just assume that he will be a mama's boy either. The way the world works she says that her kids are just that. Kids. She wants them to be able to explore the world and just be who they are.

Chrissy on the boardwalk in white
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Ignores the Aggressive Vegans and Vegetarians

Here is the thing. Kids need all the nutrients they can get. They are growing and their body needs everything possible. Chrissy is a mom that knows all this and the best part is she isn't even vegan or vegetarian herself. She loves trying all sorts of food but she gets some major clap back when she posts her kids eating meat. She says she doesn't understand why it seems they are forcing meat on the kids when the kids do enjoy it. She gets plenty of criticism saying they don't meat but her stance is let them be kids and try all sorts of food.

And for that we love her! She's sharing the huge world of food with her kiddos after all.

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She Claps Back

We all wish we were as brave as her for taking on the internet trolls. Of course, she wasn't always like this but she's grown a thicker skin. Most of the time she ignores them but back in 2018, she let a troll know what was really up. Did we mention she did it in a nice manner too? Because she did. Chrissy replied back to a comment on her Instagram with, "I don’t care to see grainy fireworks, Coachella selfies or infinity pool pics but I let people live."

She's got every right to share her mothering journey and we hope she keeps sharing the loves of her kids with us.

Chrissy with family at Disney
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Family Is Important

She is a big advocate for family. Family plays a huge roll in her life as well as her kids. Her husband, John Legend, and her do travel often. This means the kids get to spend time with her grandparents and even close friends of the couple. Chrissy says that when Luna draws family it always includes her grandparents along with her and John as well as Miles now. She wants people to be close to them and her kids to know just how loved they are. She even has an open-door policy with her friends.

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These are just four reasons why we love the cookbook author. We love all she brings to the table and we hope she and John keep sharing their kids with us. She is a great inspiration to mothers who feel they aren't doing all they can do when they are. She hopes all mothers start to learn they are doing everything they can for their little ones. She never wants them to worry.

She is a bright human being with an open heart full of love.

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