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Popular YouTuber Tricked her Followers into Believing Trip to IKEA was a trip Abroad

Gettyimages | Andrei Stanescu
By Ben Robinson III

There have been many instances where people have been using their social media platforms to educate and inform their followers about things going on in the world. And in this tumultuous time in our society it becomes very easy to hear constant stories of mass devastation and outrage. Luckily there's another subset of social media influencers who use their platforms on a much lighter note. And even in some cases, as exhibited by popular Netflix series The Circle, sometimes people deliberately lie about who they are on social media.

Giphy | The Circle Netflix (US)

If The Circle taught us nothing else it's to be very mindful of the information being put out by people online. In an article with Metro U.K. there's been a significant rise in the amount of people lying about who they are on social media, and the aftermath of being deceived leaves people with the hefty weight of not being able to trust.

According to the survey, many victims suffer financial or emotional damage, with a shocking 6% of people sending between 1001 and 10000 dollars to the catfisher.


Perhaps more devastatingly, the survey found that 25% of victims felt humiliated by their experience, 13% heartbroken, and 9% said they were caused mental health issues.

In an attempt to expose this trend and be one to educate her followers about the dangers of believing what you see online popular YouTuber Natalia Taylor decided to get in on the fun by trying out an experiment. And it has been raising eyebrows and causing people to question what they see a little more closely now.

Distractify Reports;

In early February, Natalia posted gorgeous snaps on her Instagram, tagging the location as Bali, Indonesia. “Where should I travel to next?,” she captioned one of the pics while donning a bathrobe. However, much to her 300,000 followers dismay, Taylor was not in Bali. The social media influencer was actually at the IKEA down the street from her home.

Taylor even went so far as to explain the process and why she did it, but it wasn't for the reasons some may have thought.

Natalia goes on to explain that she uploaded Instagram stories, such as landing in the Bali airport, which she took from someone else's story and used it as her own. "The point of this video is to show how easy it is to trick people into thinking you're someone you're not," she says in her vlog.

After uploading a series of snaps, the influencer revealed that no one questioned the authenticity of the photos.

“I believe influencers have a responsibility to show full transparency at all times,” Taylor explained to People magazine about why she decided to conduct this social media experiment. “Because this is not always the case, we all need a reminder that not everything you see online is accurate.”

Kudos to Taylor for her well thought out lesson. Perhaps now people will be more mindful of the smoke and mirror effects some influencers use online. Check out her video below.

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