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Wendy Williams Says There is 'No Romance' Between Kanye and Kim

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Michael Howard

As a video showing Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian kissing in a Paris elevator went viral on social media, Wendy Williams weighed in, arguing that the clip illustrated that there is “no romance” in their marriage.

In the video, West and Kardashian are seen engaging in some PDA as the glass elevator lowers and comes to a stop. When the doors open, West smiles at the person behind the camera and walks out of the elevator, leaving Kardashian behind with two large shopping bags. The elevator doors then begin to close on her as the footage cuts out.

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“Are you serious?”

Gettyimages | Sarah Morris

Williams showed her audience the video clip on Friday’s edition of her talk show.

“You know I love Kim, and I love Kanye and the whole family,” she said. “But, Kanye is being roasted for leaving Kim in an elevator with a whole bunch of bags. I see no romance in their relationship. Look at him!”

“I’ve met five-year-olds who would help a woman with their bags and also push the elevator button and keep the elevator open,” Williams continued. “Are you serious?”

All for show?

Gettyimages | Handout

Williams went on to suggest that the PDA was not genuine, and that West and Kardashian were only kissing because they suspected people were watching and/or filming them.

“There they are, and the only reason, to me, that they were kissing is because it was a glass elevator and probably the cameras,” she argued. “Come on, like, ‘let’s stage this.’ And then he’s like, ‘okay this is done.’ But you’ve got to keep up the charade. Oh man, I just wish we didn’t know this. We wouldn’t have known this if he had just acted right.”

Not the first time

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin

In support of her theory, Williams played another viral video of the celebrity spouses, this time from the NBA All-Star game which took place on February 16. In this clip, the kiss cam trains its focus onto the couple, encouraging them to give each other a smooch.

Kardashian smiles and blows kisses to the camera before turning to her husband and puckering her lips, waiting for him to plant one on her. But West, whose eyes are hidden behind a pair of black shades, seems uninterested. Finally, Kardashian leans over and kisses his cheek.

“I could not put up with a relationship with no romance,” Williams said in response. “But, if it works for them—who are we to judge?”

Of course, it’s possible (or even likely) that West simply did not realize they were on camera.

Recent controversy

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Earlier this week Williams incurred the wrath of social media after appearing to make fun of the murder of Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick, who was previously engaged to “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey.

While discussing the crime on her show, Williams quoted the famous catchphrase from Carey’s show—"Come on down!”—in apparent reference to the fact that Harwick was thrown to the ground from a third-floor balcony.

The joke did not go over well with her audience, and within minutes Williams was raked over the coals on social media.

On Wednesday, Harwick’s brother issued a statement condemning Williams for her comment.

"Domestic violence is something no one should be joking about," Chris Harwick told Fox News. "This is a difficult time for my family and for Wendy Williams to make light of this tragedy is very upsetting to us and extremely distasteful."

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