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The Duggar family

'Counting On' Fans Speculate Jill Duggar Is Not Allowed Home

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By A. Elise

Counting On fans who keep up with social media have not been surprised that Jill Duggar barely appears alongside her siblings in recent months. In fact, Jill does not even post photos with her parents anymore.

It all seems to stem from the relationship between Jill's husband, Derick Dillard, and her father, Jim Bob Duggar. The allegations that Jim Bob is keeping all the money from the Counting On filming seem to be at the core of the matter. But is Jill now banned from the family home and her siblings?

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Jill and Derick Dillard
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A lot of this has been shocking because Jill always seemed like the goody toe-shoes of the family. She seemed to have a very strong relationship with her family on 19 Kids and Counting, especially on the day she got married in 2014. Jill has been quick to toe the family line. In one clip many viewers will remember, she nearly chastised sister Jinger for daring to dream of living in the big city one day. How could the golden child fall so far?

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After Jill married Derick, some distance seemed to develop. Things didn't really come to a head until after the birth of the couple's second son, Sam. When fans asked why the couple did not really appear on Counting On anymore (a show that originally had Jill's name in the title), Derick responded that the couple were never paid to be on the show. He also said that TLC (and essentially Jim Bob) left the couple with a lot of medical bills to pay following Sam's birth. This also occurred around the time Derick was making transphobic posts on Twitter, so it was easy for TLC to simply boot the couple from the show.


The rift may have grown after Jill got her nose pierced and began wearing pants. These have long been considered no-nos in the conservative Duggar world. Some fans also believe that Jill and Derick are using birth control, perhaps after Jill had a difficult birth with son Sam. In the Duggar family, the use of birth control is considered a sin. In fact, Derick has mentioned that he believes every Christian family should decide for themselves if they will plan their children.

Is this why Jim Bob and Michelle have not mentioned Jill publicly in years?

Jessa, Jinger, Jill, and Jana Duggar with the book they wrote
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In December of 2019, Derick shared that Jill has not appeared on Counting On, even in the background, because the Duggar parents had strict rules. An example of one rule Derick mentioned is that Jill and Derick are not allowed in the family home without the parents present. Jill had to receive permission to help Jessa at the "big house" when she went into labor while everybody was out of town. (Oddly enough, it seems like Josh Duggar is frequently at the home).

Derick and Jill are among a select few Duggar children that do not live in properties owned by the family patriarch. They are certainly paving a way for themselves, and many fans of the show believe this scares Jim Bob. He cannot control them like he may be able to control his other children.

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