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Who Is 'American Idol' Contestant Jovin Webb?

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Francesca O'Hern

Back when American Idol first started, it was pretty easy to just wait and get to know the contestants week by week as the episodes aired. Now, with social media and our constant news cycle, it's easier than ever to suss people out before you meet them, and American Idol contestants are no exception. Ahead of his first appearance on Idol, viewers are already curious about Jovin Webb. Because there is so much information out there, here is what you absolutely need to know about him:

He's Not Just a Solo Act

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Webb, although he is auditioning for American Idol to sing solo, is also a part of two bands. Since October of 2017, Webb has been a member of the five-piece blues/rock band Bayou Bullets. They have an EP out (though it preceded his joining) as well as a single, "Kiss and Tell". He is also the singer of a Baton Rouge-based funk and jazz fusion band called Captain Green. They mostly play at events such as weddings. In 2017, they released an instrumental album called Jazz Noise.

He Has a Lot of Influences

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Webb has many different influences that make up his own musical style-- and it shows. Between performing for two different bands and his own solo act, Webb covers a wide range of sounds. Webb has posted videos of himself covering singers and bands such as Marc Broussard, Radiohead (but with a creative soul twist), the Beatles, and a lot of Otis Redding. He even has a video of himself dancing like Michael Jackson on his Instagram. Other than those, he also credits Prince, Paramore, Gucci Mane, Black Bayou 49, and Kings of Leon as some of his favorites.

He's From Louisiana

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian

On his Facebook page, Webb describes himself as "Just an artist and musician from Louisiana who has a passion for music and wants to share it with the world!" Webb is still based in Louisiana, although it looks like he could be spending a lot of time in Los Angeles as a part of American Idol. His Facebook page also says, “I’m a man of many hats,” which references his multi-instrumentalism. In addition to singing, Webb is also a talented drummer and guitarist.

He Already Has a Lot of Fans

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian

If all of this is making you a fan of Jovin Webb, you'll be in good company. He has a following on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and has already begun selling merch. The t-shirts, which come in black and say "Jovin Webb Idol 2020" in funky white writing, already seem to be selling well. It also looks like Webb's family are among his biggest supporters: Last year, his sister Anna set up a GoFundMe page to help him travel to and stay in Los Angeles, presumably while auditioning for Idol or attending related events.

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