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Ozzy Osbourne Keeps on Rocking With New Album 'Ordinary Man'

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By Nicole Brandy Ryan

Ozzy Osbourne holds nothing back on his newest album, 'Ordinary Man.' The legend proves once again that he can't be kept down for long. He's a rock and roll badass, heavy metal's original bad boy, and he wants us all to remember that. Recently, the Prince of Darkness has had to overcoming several challenging health set-backs. He suffered a tough fall due to his recently diagnosed Parkin, a form of Parkinson's. The 70-year-old singer bounced back, proving he may very well just be indestructible.

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Ordinary Man

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The singer gets vulnerable about fame, music, and the decisions he has made throughout his life in the title track, "Ordinary Man." He sings of addiction and regret, but that in the end he doesn't, "wanna die an ordinary man.” His life has been driven by the need to be more than just regular, he needed to be extraordinary. He shows that even after all his success, deep down inside he still feels like he still needs to prove himself.

A New Light

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Osbourne steps into a new light with the album Ordinary Man. The album tackles real life struggles in a deeply vulnerable, while powerfully rocking way. The Iron Man faces his own immortality, speaking of life and death as only the Godfather of Heavy Metal could. With lyrics like "Death doesn’t answer when I cry for help," Osbourne gets real about his struggles with his difficult physical pain. He's letting the world in to see the man behind the bats and flames.

Still Laughing

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Ozzy keeps his sense of humor, and his iconic laugh. On the opening track “Straight to Hell," Osbourne shows off his raunchy sense of humor with the line “I’ll make you scream; I’ll make you defecate, ha ha ha ha ha, followed with a ripping guitar solo by Slash. "Scary Little Green Men" talks of jealousy and envy in terms of homicidal Martians. “It’s a Raid,” is more of a silly hardcore punk song about paranoia. It ends with Ozzman screaming “Fuck you!”

The King Reigns

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Ozzy shows us all why he's earned his place as a rock and roll god. The singer can still belt it just as good as ever, as he breathes life into the meaning of rock. He's still commanding the respect of up and coming artists, inspiring across the genres. "It's A Raid" and "Take What You Want From Me" both feature Post Malone, as the two totally rock out together. It only further proves that Ozzy is just as good as ever.

Rock and Roll Forever


Ozzy continues to make music and tour, despite whatever life throws at him. His dedication to music is the epitome of rock. He lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps rock and roll. Because of artists like Ozzy, rock and roll will live forever. His tender side combined with his hardcore rocker side make Ozzy one of the most fascinating, as well as lovable artists in the music industry. He radiates pure, genuine passion, and it's that which shines through on Ordinary Man.

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