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Why Does Anna Duggar Bring Her Infant On Date Nights?

Gettyimages | Kris Connor
By Melissa Weirick

Many know the Duggar family from the TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting. And the oldest of the Duggar siblings, Josh, has been making headlines recently for more than just the large family he comes from. He was accused of molesting children in the early 2000s, children that included his own sisters. And to add on top of that, it also came out that Josh was a member of - a website that assists in marital cheating - while still married to his wife, Anna.

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Gettyimages | Kris Connor

Anna and Josh have been married for 11 years, and she has been by his side even through the scandals. The two have been through counseling and rehab together, and have the support of their large family backing them, even though parents Michelle and Jim Bob were disappointed in his actions. They told People Magazine, As parents we are so deeply grieved by our son’s decisions and actions. His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others. He has also brought great insult to the values and faith we hold dear.”

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Anna is, of course, conscious that she and her husband's lives are taking place in the public eye. She's active on Instagram, sharing posts about their children with a peppy, upbeat attitude. After sharing a photo of a double date with Michelle and Jim Bob, Anna captioned the photo on Instagram with: "The older I get, the more I realize just how much I value and lean on the advice from our parents and the Godly men & women who are a couple decades ahead of us in life.

Many notice that baby Maryella made an appearance in the photo as well, and Anna has made it clear that the infant comes along with she and Josh on their date nights. She's openly stated, “Maryella and I are ready to head out with Josh for our weekly date night!” And that got her Instagram followers wondering the reason behind the accompaniment. “How come you don’t go out just the 2 of you?” a follower asked. “Is it because you breastfeed? If so that’s awesome. And awesome if you don’t. And you just like to bring the baby.”

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Anna was forthcoming in the way that she answered the follower. “For me it is much easier to bring a nursing infant along for our date,” she said. “Once they are weaned or eating solids we will leave them with a babysitter.” It makes sense, being a nursing mom, bearing in mind that pumping doesn't agree with everyone. Many of Anna's followers agreed with her on this subject, too, voicing their support and chiming in with their own breastfeeding/date night experiences.

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Until she's ready to stay home with a babysitter, baby Maryella will be getting plenty of her parents' attention on their date nights! She's well-loved by the family already, evidenced by the photos that Anna has shared of her older children snuggling the baby, who was born just a day before Thanksgiving 2019. And regarding the birth close to the grateful holiday, Anna wrote, “Maryella Hope arrived one day ahead of Thanksgiving Day 2019 and a great reminder to be grateful for all God has done for us!”

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