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Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar's Wife, Brings Their Baby EVERYWHERE

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By Jennifer Vaughn

So, Anna Duggar gave birth to her 6th child in 2019. Six kids and you'd think she'd want to hire a babysitter for date night. This totally does not happen. Anna posts very frequently on Instagram, and the posts all focus on her kids. She is clearly a loving and devoted mom.

According to The Hollywood Gossip's website, Duggar men do not really participate in raising the kids, and this is considered 'women's work.' Maybe this fact alone is why Anna feels that she doesn't really deserve a break-even for going out on dates.

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In spite of her appearing happy on Instagram, followers and fans have worried about her, specifically her mental state, in the past.

Regardless of what people may believe about how she has dealt with the very controversial legal issues of the past involving her husband, Josh, Anna just told Jinger that she is 'happy' on Instagram.

In 2019, Homeland Security raided the Duggar family home, and agents also raided one of Josh's businesses in northern Arkansas.

As of the date of November 29, 2019, there is no confirmation regarding why the raids occurred.

Mother and Son
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Still, one may wonder how these things affect Anna. She is raising her children mostly by herself, as is the Duggar way.

In addition to this, Jim Bob, Josh's dad, and Josh seem to be keeping distance from one another. According to a November 29, 2019 article published on In Touch Weekly's website, when on a family outing to Silver Dollar City theme park, the family was sort of split up, with Josh and Anna off by themselves watching their kids go on rides.

Mother and Daughter
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I mean it could have been as simple as their kids wanting to go on different rides than the other kids in the family.

An inside source said that, 'Josh and Anna were sitting on the ground out of the way of the kid’s area. They were only with their children,' and that 'Josh seemed spaced out' allowing the kids to run around more than '40 feet away' from where the couple was sitting. Also, during the outing, Josh was 'never' with his parents.

Anna and Josh Duggar
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Families have disagreements, but these comments from the inside source signal more drama than is caused by just an argument or two, as do the raids. Could all of this be affecting Anna so much that she insists on taking her child everywhere they go out of fear? Maybe. This seems like too much stress for one person to bear.

Anna captioned a September 2019 post on Instagram with the following words,

'The joys we’ve experienced together have far surpassed the shadows of sorrow we’ve walked through. Through it all, God’s kindness and grace has sustained us, I love you so much Joshua and look forward to growing old together!'

Still, in spite of all of the speculation sparked by recent and past events, there is a logical reason that Anna brings her youngest kids with her on her date nights. She breastfeeds, and it's just easier.

When asked directly by a follower on Instagram about why Anna chooses to bring the youngest kids with her on their dates, she responded,

“For me it is much easier to bring a nursing infant along for our date,” Anna commented back. “Once they are weaned or eating solids we will leave them with a babysitter.”

Honestly, let's just leave well enough alone and let Anna do what Anna needs to do to make her life just a little bit easier, even if that means bringing some of her kids with her on dates.

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