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Sister Wives

'Sister Wives' Star Praises Fellow Wife For Being 'Brave'

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown
By Jennifer Passmore

After "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has wife Christine Brown upset about his plan for moving all of the four wives and their respective children into one large home. Fellow sister-wife Robyn Brown is praising Christine as being 'brave' after speaking out about how she feels about moving the entire family into one large house. After all, it is Kody and his four wives, and their collective 18 children. It has to be one large house in order to accommodate them all!

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What Kody Wants

Kody Brown and Sister Wives
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In an episode of "Sister Wives" that aired on TLC in January, it showed family patriarch Kody being nervous about presenting the idea of one big house to his wives. He said, "I've been prepping this for months now. I'm a little nervous. I love this idea, and yet I'm afraid because I'm worried about their prejudices toward it. Is the idea of living in one house really special to me? Is it worth some sacrifices to me? Yeah, it is."

From Vegas To Arizona

Kody Brown and Sister Wives
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Approximately a decade ago, the entire family did live in one house in Lehi, Utah. However when the fourth wife, Robyn entered the polygamist family, the entire family up and moved to Las Vegas. He did this in order to avoid potential legal persecution against him. The family lived in four different homes on a quiet cul-de-sac. They have since moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. Most of the women are renting right now, while Kody is trying to get them on board with his idea of one large house for all of them.

The Plan

Kody Brown And Sister Wives
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Kody really wants to build a house on the property that they own in Arizona. It would be ideal for him because he really wants to be able to see his four wives and 18 children every day. According to the synopsis of the season, it says, "Angry neighbors drive one wife out of her rental house and the cost of the many properties the family needs for Kody's four wives and many kids are threatening a financial disaster." It says his wives were "not so sure."

Speaking Out

Sister Wives and Film Crew
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When Kody brought up the idea of living together all under one roof, even in separate areas, sister-wife Christine was not happy. She even tweeted, "Honestly, I’m a better Mom living separately. I love my Sisterwives and I want to live next to them for the rest of my life." Fellow sister-wife Robyn came to her aid on Twitter. She tweeted, "I don’t think it was fair that so much pressure was put on Christine for how she feels about one home. She is being very honest and brave."

Social Media Backlash

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Robyn actually faced some social media backlash for applauding Christine on speaking out about the one house idea. On Twitter alone, there were people tweeting, "She is not being honest and brave. She is defiant and unreasonable. Clearly she is not interested in plural marriage." Others said, "Christine is acting like a spoiled brat right now. She married into plural marriage and now she wants monogamy. Can't have it both ways!" We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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