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4 Models Who Show Us That One-piece Swimsuits Will Always be In

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By Savannah Hope

The bikini has had its time in the spotlight. Ranging from just a hint of sexy to downright scandalous, bikinis have a reputation for flaunting all of a woman's best physical features. However, there are always women avoiding the pools and the beaches because they feel like they can't compete with a gorgeous girl in a bikini. This two piece swimwear may have reached its peak, though. Fabulous celebrities of all body types have recently started making appearances back in the tried and true one piece.

Jazz Up Your One-piece with a Loud Swimsuit Cover

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If there's one thing these two models teach us, it's that swimsuits can always be complimented by a riotous cover, like something with crazy ruffles or bold prints. Swimsuit covers are perfect for when you may be pool- or beach-side and don't want to feel quite so vulnerable as if you were lounging around in just a suit. If your swimsuit is already a statement on its own, go for a simple one-tone crochet color that'll still give you an extra layer while letting your suit shine through.

Neutral Colors are Always in Style

Gettyimages | TSM/Bauer-Griffin

If you aren't all about the untamed leopard prints, eye-catching neons, and attention-drawing patterns, a soft and subtle suit in neutral tones like this one gives the perfect combination of feeling under the radar and feeling like a goddess. You can always pair a white-toned suit with a bold skirt or chunky jewelry to give it some pop while keeping it modest. This suit's elegantly high cut in the hips also accentuates the wearer's figure while keeping her more covered.

Add Some Intrigue with Wide-brimmed Hats

Gettyimages | Buda Mendes

Some of us may feel like they can't wear wide-brimmed hats without looking like an old gardener, but these accessories are perfect for taking your swimsuit look to the next level, and keeping the hot summer sun off of your face at the same time. Hats and swimsuit covers in thin white linen fabrics can help deflect the heat, so that you can stay cool, and keep your outfit together. Because a beach is really just a sandy runway, right?

Voluptuous Figures Should Show off Their Curves

Gettyimages | George Doyle

No woman should miss out on relaxing poolside just because she's nervous about being in a swimsuit. This beautifully-toned orange suit is a perfect example of one that provides extra coverage over the hips and butt, but with a sexy dip to show off a steamy glimpse of the back curve. Our curvy goddesses can find suits with padded bra support to keep the girls in place while you lounge on the shore. Throw that t-shirt to the side and get in the sun!

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