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Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes: Sober for Over 1 Year

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Jennifer Vaughn

Eleven hours ago, Amanda Bynes shared a video on Instagram. In the video, she is joined by her fiance, Paul. When starting the video Amanda said, 'I'm so lucky' after introducing him. She went on to say, 'As you can see he's drop-dead gorgeous, and he's also the best person on the face of the Earth.' Aww. Amanda made the video to apologize to everyone she 'called ugly on Twitter.' She said it happened because she felt 'so ugly' at the time and was having a 'really hard time' expressing herself.

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Amanda Bynes
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According to Hollywood Life in an article published today, February 21, 2020, this rant on Twitter did not just happen yesterday. In fact, it happened in 2013.

In another article on Hollywood Life, the following people are named as targets of the insults: Miley Cyrus, Drake, Chrissy Teigen, Rihanna, Lance Bass, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and Jenny McCarthy.

For some of these people, the insult did not stop at just calling them ugly. No, for some, it went way, way further.

Amanda Bynes
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Amanda said that, 'Lance is “an ugly ex boy band member w/ no talent or career,” Chrissy is an “ugly old model,” Jenny is an “ugly old lady,” and Jay-Z just has an “ugly face".'

I mean, we all have an off day or two, but social media is a platform that enables people to be downright mean.

And now, in 2020, Amanda wants to apologize. Before we roll our eyes, let's hear her out. I mean, we do know that she has had her own struggles, as we all do from time to time. At least she is owning up to what she said and making amends.

Amanda Bynes
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On Instagram, she blamed the mean words on being 'so drugged out' and went on to say that she has been 'sober for over a year.' Good for you girl. Time changes people, sometimes for the better.

She wanted her fans to know that she 'loves' them, and that she is 'happy now.'

It would take a lot of guts to issue a very public apology, even 7 years after the fact. But, hey she is focusing on living her best life. YOLO and all that.

Amanda Bynes
Gettyimages | GVK/Bauer-Griffin

It seems like she was an actress in her past life, as all 90's kids remember her from 'The Amanda Show.' But her life has evolved, however rocky, into what it is now.

So, she graduated from college last summer, she has a fiance that loves her, and she is sober. These are all notable improvements. She is striving to make life better. She got help for her problem, and she even wants to launch a fashion line soon.

She is moving on from her past, and this is commendable. You do you girl. Be happy. Reach for the stars. Your fans love you and support you.

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