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Celebrities We Love That Have Been Mom Shamed

Gettyimages | Lars Niki
By Kirstin Chock

We all love Chrissy Teigen. This hot mom, supermodel, cook, author, and TV host is the definition of mom goals. She is adored by many for her humor and realness, which is a combination that many celebrity women have. But even this beauty has been mom shammed. And every time she has been mom shamed, she has given the most legendary comebacks every single time. Here's a list of a few other celebrities that have been mom-shamed and have some pretty awesome clap backs of their own.

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Megan Fox

Gettyimages | Han Myung-Gu

We've all had a woman crush on Megan Fox. This hot mom of three was mom shamed for posting a picture of her two handsome boys at the beach (as pictured below). From a first glance, most people would think, what's there to shame about this picture?

Some people scrutinized Megan letting her boys have long hair, and for letting her son Noah (pictured on the left) wear pink. A lot of people came to her defense. But let's just say, shoulder length hair doesn't make a boy a girl. Jason Momoa is one of the hottest men alive and he has shoulder length hair. And a lot of guys wear all pink shirts and outfits. His sleeves are the only things pink.


Gettyimages | Craig Barritt

The once wild Jersey Shore star is a completely changed woman after becoming a mom. And we must say, it took a lot of people by surprise but she's definitely settled down. She has taken a lot of pride in the mom life and we agree, she's a good mom. This is a completely different side that we've seen from Nicole and we're proud of her.

But some people mom shammed her for the following Instagram post that she posted of her drinking wine while holding her child.

Guys shes drinking a glass of red wine, which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for your health. It's wine. Not shots of Hennessy.

Kim Kardashian

Gettyimages | Alex Wong

This sexy mom of 4 has definitely shocked a lot of people for her involvement in the court of law. But we can definitely say, going from a sex tape to a lawyer/entrepreneur/mom is quite the amazing transition. Not many people can handle being a mom, lawyer, and entrepreneur, so props to you Kim K!

Unfortunately, she has been mom shammed a lot, for even some of the smallest things like this post of her daughter Chicago holding a corn snake. Some mom shamed Kim saying "how could you let your daughter play with a snake, that's not safe." But corn snakes are actually non-venomous snakes and have been scientifically proven to be very calm mannered, and are great pets for anyone interested in snakes. So, Kim wasn't endangering her daughter. And we must say, Chicago's bravery is goals, because not many people would hold any snake.

Gettyimages | George Pimentel

Khloe has unfortunately been mom shamed quite often despite being a great, loving mom to her daughter True. In the post below, she was mom shamed so much that the comments are turned off.

Some people criticized her for facing True outwards instead of facing towards her. But let's be honest, we've all seen people do this. She was also criticized for "filtering True" and for having nails that were "too long." But let's be honest, a lot of women, and moms have long nails. It's the "in trend."

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