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Infinity Hill Partners With Viacom International Studios To Develop Spanish-language Features

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By Joshua Williams

Longtime Telefonica and Viacom exec Axel Kuschevatzky's new label, Infinity Hill, has made a deal with Viacom International Studios to co-produce and co-develop a slate of Spanish-language films. According to the folks at Variety, the new slate of films will be filmed globally and "utilize international talent on both sides of the camera." Along with Kuschevatzky, whose one of the world's most prolific Spanish-speaking executives, Infinity Hill also includes producers Phin Glynn and Cindy Teperman. When asked about the potential of Spanish-language films and the Spanish-speaking community, Kuschevatzky told Variety, " there is a huge community there with a big demand for films in its own language."

Infinity Hill

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Infinity Hill already has an extensive slate of films in production and coming soon. Announced titles include adaptations of Graham Greene (The Captain and The Enemy) and Lawrence Osborne (Hunters in the Dark). The VIS deal could potentially strengthen Infinity Hill's reach in the entertainment landscape. When asked about the potential benefits of such a massive deal, head of Viacom International Studios, Federico Cuervo, said to Variety, "[the] deal empowers us to increase development of high quality, long-form content generating more IP's for VIS."

Spanish-language Films

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The Infinity Hill partnership with Viacom is another example of how much interest for international films has grown among audiences in the U.S. However, even when there's interest in these films, most people in the U.S. probably don't know where exactly these films are produced. Kuschevatzky even mentioned during his interview with Variety that most people would think some films were produced in America when in actuality they were produced in London. Thankfully, with successes like Parasite going on to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, perhaps audiences will be more willing to find out more about where these films come from and why they were made in the first place.

Axel Kuschevatzky's Impressive Career

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Axel Kuschevatzky has an extensive background in film journalism and producing. He was the associate producer for the film The Secret in Their Eyes which went on to win a Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film in 2010. Kuschevatzky also produced The Widows of Thursdays which was based off best selling author Claudia Pineiro's novel. In 2009, Kuschevatzky became the head of the film production at Telefe. He also won the journalism award TEA Estimulo and has been part of the jury for the Clarin Cine Awards.

A New Era In Film

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Kuschevatzky expressed the importance of producing films in multiple languages, saying, "We do admire other people's talent, regardless of language." Infinity Hill'sslate of films were announced last November at the American Film Market. The company's first film, The Doorman, has already wrapped filming. The film is produced by Gylnn and has already been picked up by Lionsgate and sold internationally. Kuschevatzky told Variety that Infinity Hill is looking to develop English-language as well as local-language offerings, not only in Spanish.

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