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Tom Selleck's Long, Varied And Sometime Goofy Career

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Rima Pundir

Vietnam war veteran (as part of the California National Guard), Tom Selleck has had a wide and distinguished career, with his mustache neatly in place. He's done plenty of movies, some more memorable than the others, and even guest appeared in TV series of repute. Any self-respecting Friends fan would instantly recognize his handsome feature that gave one of the guys in the series a pretty strong complex. While there is a serious side to this actor, he has done lighter roles as well.

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He Was Monica's Richard & Chandler's Chagrin

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In the hit sitcom Friends, Tom Selleck plays Dr. Richard Burke, an ophthalmologist and Jack Geller's (Monica and Ross's dad) best friend. So its a bit of a surprise for Monica's parents when they begin dating, despite the 21-year-old age gap between them. They seem to be having a pretty good do at it but it all breaks down when Burke tells Monica he does not want kids, a thing she cannot accept. Of course, later, Chandler seems to think Burke is trying to take Monica away from him, but it all solves out.

Selleck Was In Magnum P.I.

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Thomas Sullivan Magnum III sounds like quite a mouthful, but this was the colorful and dashing private investigator Tom Selleck played in the crime drama Magnum P.I.. In the series, Magnum is shown to be living the life as a private investigator on the beautiful shores of Hawaii. Shown to be an avid sports fan (especially baseball) and a big scotch-on-the-rocks kinda guy, Magnum also tended to talk in a whiny voice when stressed. With character flaws aplenty, Selleck's Magnum turned Magnum P.I. into a hit TV series.

Selleck's Voice In An Animated Movie?

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Meet the Robinsons was an animated movie that came out in 2007, and amongst the distinguished cast of the movie, was Tom Selleck, with his deep baritone of a voice making the character Cornelius come alive. The movie is about a time-traveling 12-year-old boy named Lewis. Once he travels to the future and meets a family he is fascinated with. There he befriends Wilbur, who tells Lewis that his father, Cornelius, looks like Tom Selleck. Cornelius looks nothing like Selleck, but this joke worked out when the producers were able to rope in Selleck to voice Cornelius.

And Now, Selleck Is In A Video Game Too

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One of Selleck's long-standing roles has been that of NYPD Commissioner Frank Raegan in the CBS series Blue Bloods, and he plays the role of a patriarch of both his family and the NYPD with distinction. So it's hard to imagine this man, with his lovely bass voice, being in a video game. The fact is, in 2019, Meet the Robinsons spun off into a video game. And once more, Selleck was roped-in to voice Cornelius, which turns out to be a goofy role for this distinguished actor, in a fun way.

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