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Why is Ozzy Osbourne Still Touring, or Trying To?

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By Kevin JP

Ozzy Osbourne has been forced to postpone his upcoming solo tour due to constant pain caused by a recent fall, which re-aggravated a quad bike accident injury from 2003, both of which are now being further complicated by his Parkinson's disease. Actually, Ozzy has a type of Parkinson's called Parkin, which is named after the gene associated with the disease. It has to do with the energy producing area of cells and it usually responds well to deep brain stimulation.

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Ozzy Says It's Not the Parkinson's That's The Biggest Problem

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During his fall, he hit the floor so hard that he actually pinched his spinal column. The surgery required that they cut through nerves and this adversely affected his neck, back, shoulders and arms. Ozzy states that this has caused much more of a problem than the Parkinson's, adding that he was still performing when he had first been diagnosed. Ozzy says, 'It affects regular things — like even if you get a cold. It can make ordinary living a bit more complicated.'

He Has Nothing To Prove

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Let's face it, Ozzy Osbourne has got nothing to prove. With over 20 studio records, album sales topping 100 million, from his years with Black Sabbath combined with all of his solo work, he's one of the Godfather's of Heavy Metal. He's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he's got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he was the star of a hit reality show on MTV. So why does he continue to make music and tour?

Is Sharon Trying To Keep the Money Making Machine Going?

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Some say that it's his wife Sharon who's keeping him, and the gravy train, going. If you ask me, she saved him and she's a big reason why he's still relevant. Sharon and Ozzy met when Sharon's father was managing Black Sabbath. When Ozzy left the band in 1979, he and Sharon began dating and she began managing his solo career. Ozzy's a superb and unique talent, but he's definitely needed help 'staying the course' and there's been none other up to the task but Sharon.

If You Love Doing Something, Why Stop - And How?

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Ozzy Osbourne has been in the game for a really long time, Black Sabbath's first, self-titled album just celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this month and the band, first known as Earth, formed two years prior. It's obvious by now that it's something he absolutely loves. Just like the Heavyweight Champion that continues to box or the star Quarterback that continues play football - it should be quite apparent as to why he's still going. Of course, a growing fanbase and steadfast notoriety doesn't hurt either.

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