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Some People, Like President Trump, Just Cannot Swallow The 'Parasite' Win

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Rima Pundir

President Donald Trump has never shied from speaking his mind, even if Hollywood finds his comments offensive. Frankly, Hollywood has always taken a dim view towards Donald Trump being elected as President and spoken long and loud about his politics not being the politics of America. Most of Hollywood was vying for a Hillary Clinton win and was sorely disappointed when it turned out as a loss. So to wear the shoe on the other foot, President Trump also takes his own jabs at Hollywood and The Academy...

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Donald Trump Has A Parasite Problem

Gettyimages | Sarah Silbiger

Parasite set a new record this time, not only winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film but also took home the trophy for Best Picture. On one hand, we had Tom Hanks and Charlize Theron making noise to let the crew of the movie finish their speeches. On the other hand, we have our President who made a public statement on how bad the Academy Awards were this year because Best Picture went to a movie that was not American made.

Parasite Is A South Korean Movie

Gettyimages | Mark Wilson

While many might have found his criticism a bit unwarranted, Donald Trump has a major problem with Parasite mostly because it comes from South Korea. South Korea is not known to be an ally to the U.S. and both the countries have several trade issues between them, already. Donald Trump added that he didn't know if the movie was all that good, and instead, could they just bring back Gone with the Wind instead? According to him, winning both Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film Oscars was an overkill.

Brad Pitt Was Targeted Too

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Brad Pitt had taken a dig at the President and the impeachment process at his Academy Award speech, after winning Best Supporting Actor for Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. He said he got 45 seconds to talk, more than what John Bolton got at the Senate. So Donald Trump took a crack at him as well, calling Pitt a little wise-guy, who made little wise-guy statements on stage. We doubt there is anything little about Brad Pitt, right?

Soon After, Trump Got Trolled

Unsplash | Darren Halstead

If you troll something, they will troll you right back, and that's exactly the knee-jerk reaction Donald Trump got when the distributor of Parasite mocked him on Twitter. The Twitter account @neonrated tweeted "Understandable, he can't read", referring to the fact that Parasite was subtitled in English as part of its international release. Plenty of other people also took to social media to troll Trump, saying that he was dumbing down America, or thought too highly of himself as a comedian. Not that it ruffled any hair...

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