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Why Disney+ Might Not be a Good Thing for Everyone

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By Alex Parisi

Disney+ has a lot of great content to offer and will most likely get even better the longer it goes on. The most impactful original and brand-new show they have right now is "The Mandalorian." Set in the Star Wars universe it follows a bounty hunter and his adorable friend.

Outside of this show, however, is not much original content that is getting people talking. There are some shows in the coming future based in the Star Wars universe, and some behind the scenes looks at Disney's parks as well, but that can only go so far.

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Now that is to be expected with a new streaming service. However, seeing as how Disney now owns all of Marvel and their characters, nerds like myself seem to feel more than a little disappointed. This is because we know that the days of mature themed marvel shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher are all behind us. This is important to us nerds, because the roots of these characters and their cornerstones are built on mature themed subject matter.

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The Punisher the character is known for providing a vigilante style of justice on the streets of New York. This was evident in the show on Netflix. It had a great cast of characters, a deeply emotional and heartfelt story, and a mature subject theme. Not only that, but it showed a shared universe within the Netflix Marvel shows. It gave a somewhat realistic and gritty live action view of the character that we have never really seen before, aside from a couple standalone movies earlier in the century.

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Now this is where it starts to get dicey. These heroes mentioned above have been grounded and based off of tragic people with horrific experiences. Now that Disney owns all of Marvel's characters, the mature-themed ones are less likely to get time to shine. After acquiring Marvel, Disney proceeding to have Netflix announce that one by one its original Marvel shows were being cancelled. Lesser known heroes like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all had a limited run on the streaming service.

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So while Disney+ is putting out great original content now, it also is taking away stories and characters from fans who loved the darker and more violent takes on them. There is high amounts of doubt that a streaming service named after Disney would allow that kind of content to be shown. The argument can be made to watch another streaming service, sure. But when one company owns almost all of pop culture, then fans might stop seeing some of their beloved characters altogether because Disney might deem them too violent.

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