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Queen Elizabeth II

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth Is Picky About Who Rides In Her Car

Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo
By Carolyn B.

The Royal Family has a lot of very specific rules and traditions that they like to follow and have followed for many years, if not decades. Everything from women wearing skirts instead of pants and couples refraining from public displays of affection.

According to some sources, there are a few unspoken rules, as well. A recent report indicates there could be quite a lot to be learned by watching who Queen Elizabeth II allows riding with her in her car.

Hop On In

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

A former royal equerry recently revealed their thoughts on the Queen's driving habits -- and more importantly, who she lets ride with her in her car and why.

According to the source, Queen Elizabeth does not allow just anybody to ride in her car with her. The report points out that the Queen will offer rides to Sophie Wessex on a frequent basis. But the source claims the Queen does not give rides to Princess Anne nearly as often. They implied this was a sign as to who her favorites are.

No Seatbelts

Queen Elizabeth II
Gettyimages | Tim Graham

There are other traditions surrounding the car that Royals are meant to obey. It is said that they are not ever supposed to wear a seatbelt while riding in a vehicle. An interesting rule, considering this is very against many laws in many different countries. Generally, seatbelts are encouraged for most passengers.

While it might seem unsafe to obey such a tradition, the Royal Family seems to think it is more important to be able to make a quick getaway from the vehicle if required.

Hold The Door

Queen Elizabeth II
Gettyimages | Tim Graham

For similar reasons, Royals are not supposed to close their own car doors. Security guards are to close the door when the Royal Family member is a safe distance away. Again, this is to provide the Royal passenger a quick and easy escape route back into the vehicle should anything scary happen as they exit their car.

While it might seem like a silly, everyday thing to most of us, seeing as how most Royals don't close their own doors, Prince Harry closing his car door at the Invictus Games was quite a historical moment.

A Tragic History

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana
Gettyimages | Princess Diana Archive

All of this is certainly a lot to take in, especially given the Royal Family's past relationships with cars and trauma. Prince Philip was in a roll-over accident on January 17 of this year. The incident caused the Prince to reportedly walk away from driving.

Princess Diana famously died in a car accident while reportedly trying to escape the paparazzi. Reports said her vehicle was speeding through a tunnel. Apparently, the Queen believes the risks still outweigh the benefits despite these incidents.

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