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Who Is the 'Banana' on The Masked Singer!?

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By Kevin JP

The Masked Singer recently kicked of Season 3 on February 2nd and the 'top secret' celebrity singing competition has everyone talking yet again. As host Nick Cannon put it, 'You're welcome for the dinner table discussion so you can avoid the usual awkward silences.' Celebrities 'face-off' against each other while adorning elaborate costumes that cover them from head to toe while 'masking' their identity. With each performance and clue package, the host, panelists and audience try to guess who's behind the mask.

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What Do the Panelists Think?

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Panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke having been playing the role of 'detective' for the third season in a row and provide quite a bit of comic relief as they 'take a stab' at who they they might be behind each mask from the secret celebrity provided 'clue package' along with their performance. Who is the banana? Jenny says it could be comedian Bill Engvall, Nicole thinks it might be Ed Helms and Robin is leaning toward Darius Rucker.

So What Were The Clues?

Giphy | The Masked Singer

The clue package starts off on a track field with the Banana napping next to a cowboy hat on a red, white and blue striped ground. After a quick glimpse of a blow fish, the the clues get a little weird. The Banana is seen dancing on a school bus '12 Hours Earlier' with two women made out of lettuce. He says, 'I'm late for the stage and over did it again!' We then see a quick shot of a blue collar.

The Banana Answers Some Questions

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He tells us he's the banana because he's tough on the outside and a smoothie on the inside. Nick Cannon asks, 'Did you always want to be a banana?' The Banana replies, 'Actually, no!' He said he was getting ready to work out and his daughter gave him a banana and he took it as a sign. The Banana also blurts out, 'I'm peeling' it, I'm peelin' the music!' Robin and Jenny think they might hear a little southern drawl in his voice too.

Some Fans Think They're Sure About Who it is

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Many fans think that, based on the clue package and his performance, that the Banana is none other than former lead singer of the glam rock band Poision and star of the reality TV show Rock of Love, Bret Michaels. From the clues of the cowboy hat, which he's usually sporting, and the blow fish - it's 'Poision'-ous, to his vocals and stage moves of his performance of Elivs' A Little Less Conversation, many are convinced that it must be him. Time will tell, eventually.

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