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Jane Fonda at Academy Awards, pointing

How People Are Reacting to Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne's White Hair

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Robert Safir

Jane Fonda was to present the award for best picture at the recent Academy Awards broadcast. The surprise came at the end of the Oscars presentation when Jane Fonda appeared with a new dew.

Jane Fonda has always managed to look good - okay, look terrific onscreen, but the surprise hairdo would have been enough. The icing on the cake was her Elie Saab burgundy gown. Although it was recycled from 2014, it was, in a word, killer. She looked stunning.

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Go Green by Going Red

Jane Fonda in red coat, protesting
Gettyimages | Mark Wilson

But in addition to looking fantastic, Fonda was making a statement. She is now saying (especially to other women) that there is no need to go out and buy a new dress all the time. As a matter of fact, she previously said it was the last article of clothing she would ever buy.

It was a multilayered message. She was telling women that they don't need to go out all the time - for every new event - to buy clothing just to create or renew a sense of identity. At the same time, it was a message about climate change and fashion.

Color Me Purple - No, Let's Make That White

Woman getting hair done at salon
Gettyimages | frantic00

Social media led the 82 year-old actress to stylist Jack Martin at his Tustin, California salon. Martin said, “Before she came to me, two or three other colorists had tried and couldn’t get the color right.” After seeing it, some people initially referred to the color as gray. Then they started calling it blonde. Then everyone saw it as silver. Ultimately, people began to see the light when the color was officially announced as white - or silver/white, depending who you talk to.

The hairdo was even more outstanding with a new pixie cut.

This Color Works Like Magic

Sharon Osbourne profile shot
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Sharon Osbourne, 67, followed in Jane's footsteps and sat in Jack Martin's chair in Orange County. After eight hours, Osbourne left the salon with her new silver/white hair in tow. Not to throw water on the hair (you wouldn't want to do that after all that work) - but if anyone was paying attention, they might have noticed that Emmylou Harris had been sporting this look for years.

The style does not fit the usual stereotype of what women's hair is supposed to look like once they reach "a certain age." But the magic of this style not only looks impressive on its own, but it makes the person wearing it take on a whole new persona.

Jane Was Very Pleased - And So Was Just About Everyone Else

Jane Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix, and others at The Oscars
Gettyimages | Handout

Considering that Jane Fonda has been very political for most of her career, it was refreshing to see her modeling the merits of gray - or silver/white - or whatever you like to call it. According to her stylist, she did this purely for fun - and of course, for a little bit of shock value. Jack Martin said “Jane was extremely happy for getting her dream hair that took her a while to find a colorist that can do it perfectly in a very painless process.”

Most of the reviews from fans and professionals alike have been good - actually, quite fantastic. Don't be surprised if you see more shiny silver hair trending on social media in the months to come.

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