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Lady Gaga

Who is the One Person That Lady Gaga Can Trust With Her Money?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Reed Chelcie

If you were to wake up as successful and as affluent as Lady Gaga, there’s not an ounce of doubt the first thing you’d do is hire the best accountants and financial advisors to help you manage the wealth.

After all, it’s the wisest decision you could ever make with such riches at hand. Surprisingly, when it comes to her money, Lady Gaga trusts her father more and prefers him to some of the most proficient accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors in the country.

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Lady Gaga’s Father is Her Main Financial Advisor


Although he does not manage her career, Lady Gaga's dad, Joe Germanotta, plays an essential role in Gaga's life when it comes to money. Before she can make any financial move, the ‘Just Dance’ hit-maker first consults her father about it.

For instance, in an interview, Gaga revealed that she first sought her father’s two cents before she could purchase Michael Jackson’s clothes. The artist is also said to have entrusted her dad with her 24 million dollar property in Malibu.

Joe Does More than Offer Her Financial Advice

Lady Gaga
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

But if you thought that’s as far as it goes, then you’re in for an even bigger surprise. According to sources, Joe Germanotta often bags 50%of what Lady Gaga makes.

Although he is a co-owner of Gaga’s LLCs and a few other of the artist’s businesses, experts find this quite unusual. This is because even when an artist hires a manager, they usually get a commission of between 15 and 20% only but not 50% of what the artist makes.

But Why Her Father?

Lady Gaga
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Wondering why anyone would give half of their hard-earned money to someone else? Well, given the role her father played in the making of the outgoing queen Gaga we know today, it’s not hard to figure out why The Poker Face’ songstress trusts her father so much.

When Gaga decided to pursue her music career, Joe used his network to help her meet the who’s and who’s of the music industry. He also paid a year's worth of rent for her.

Lady Gaga’s Father Today

Lady Gaga
Gettyimages | Presley Ann

Even though he was and is her biggest supporter, at some point, the relationship between Lady Gaga and her father went through a rough patch. This is after he saw her performance style. According to Gaga, Joe thought she was mentally unstable.

However, he came to make peace with it after realizing that her art made her happy and did more than just pay the bills. Today, Lady Gaga’s father owns various hotels and also helps other aspiring artists become a success.

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