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Will 'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Have Another Cringey Wedding?

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett
By Chad Skiles

Some things are facts when it comes to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey.

One: she loves her high cheekbones.

Two: She prefers her friendships to have contracts.

Three: she hates surprises.

That last fact has made it awkward for the men who have asked for Ms. Bailey's hand in marriage.

Throwback to Peter Thomas's proposal in 2011, captured on Season 3.

Mike Hill's ask, seen below, went smoother by all counts, but Cynthia Bailey's reaction was still... subdued, at best. Ominous, at worst.

Hey, at least he got a yes (albeit in the form of a wordless nod).

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That's more than a long list of other men can say: including Jayson Williams and Russell Simmons.

Eventually, actor (and single-name user) Leon (aka Leon Robinson) found a way to her heart.

"I met Leon at a BET event," Bailey said in an interview with S2S Magazine. "And he was just one of those people that I just knew if I ever met him, he was just gonna get it."

Their relationship has been strong following their split, largely due to their co-parenting of the lovely Noelle Bailey.

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Hill made it a priority of his proposal to emphasize the merging of families, and he seems to have a good relationship with Noelle.

Drama avoided... well, nearly. More on that later.

But the question remains: will they keeps things drama-free on their wedding day?

It is a justifiable question (and concern), when one remembers the near-catastrophe that was the Thomas-Bailey wedding captured by Bravo cameras during Season 2. Bailey herself called it a "borderline disaster" in one interview.

Cynthia seemed to have cold feet the morning of her big day and shared a cry with her sister Malorie.

Gettyimages | Bravo

The drama continued at the ceremony. Sister Malorie and her mother considered conspiring to make the marriage unofficial by pretending to have forgotten the certificate—an unforgettable, and perhaps unforgivable, moment.

Now, after her divorce to Thomas, which followed a six-year marriage, she is certainly hoping for a smoother ride with Mike Hill.

But already, there have been some bumps along the way. As seen in a recent episode of Season 12, Mike Hill's friend group consists of mostly women—something Bailey rose an eyebrow at.

Gettyimages | Bravo

"He has cheated on his wives before me," Bailey said. "What makes me different?"

Hill was open about his past infidelities, but his attempt to put Cynthia at ease about his single-minded affection for her was not received well by his daughter from a previous marriage.

"I just feel terrible," Hill said, following the incident. "It was just inappropriate for me to have that conversation around her."

Hopefully, for Bailey's sake (and for the viewers who have endured enough awkwardness) all of this can be smoothed out before the big day.

Cynthia's request? She just "wants to be comfortable".

Us too, Ms. Bailey. Us too.

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