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Kaley Cuoco's voice was used in a December episode of "Young Sheldon"

Did You Hear Kaley Cuoco's Voice On 'Young Sheldon?'

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By Nicole Caropolo

"The Big Bang Theory" came to an end last May with a series finale that touched all of our nerdy hearts. Even though there are no more new episodes of the show, there is still a way to stay connected with Sheldon, your favorite theoretical physicist. It seems like Kaley Cuoco, the actress who played Penny, is also missing Sheldon because her voice was used on an episode of the spinoff prequel show, "Young Sheldon." Did you recognize her voice in a December episode?

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Young Sheldon Takes Place During The Childhood of Big Bang Character

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"Young Sheldon" is a spin-off prequel television series about the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, the character played by Jim Parsons that we all grew fond of on "The Big Bang Theory."

The show released an episode on Dec. 12 called “Teenager Soup and a Little Ball of Fib." The story of the episode was that Sheldon faked being sick so that he wouldn't have to take a swim test at school. He had a dream where he has a conversation with pool water. The voice of the water was none other than Kaley Cuoco.

The Co-Creator Imagined Kaley Cuoco's Voice for a Dream Sequence


Even though we didn't get to see her face on screen, fans of the show will take whatever crossover that we can get. Her voice cameo was confirmed by Steve Molaro, a co-creator for the show. Molaro told TV Line why he felt Cuoco's voice would fit well into the scene.

He said, “I needed someone to do the voice. I knew I wanted it to be female and kinda sexy, and I said, ‘Well, duh! Kaley is perfect for this.'”

Molaro was also a producer and writer for "The Big Bang Theory."

Kaley Cuoco Was Excited About the Pitch

Kaley Cuoco was excited to play the voice of water in "Young Sheldon."
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

You have to imagine that Molaro pitching the idea to the actress would be pretty comical seeing as Cuoco would play the voice of literal water, and you would be correct.

He told TV Line, “I said, ‘Hey, I have a weird pitch for you: Sheldon has a nightmare, and he has to go to this pool, and he speaks to the pool water. Do you want to be the voice of pool water?'” Molaro said. “She just laughed and said, ‘Absolutely, I do.'”

Kaley Cuoco Is Staying Busy After "Big Bang Theory" Ended

Kaley Cuoco plays the voice of "Harley Quinn" on the DC streaming service.
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Despite the ending of "The Big Bang Theory," Cuoco is staying busy. She currently voices Harley Quinn on an animated web series that can be found on the DC streaming service. She is also producing "The Flight Attendant," an HBO Max show that she will star in, which is set to premiere this year.

"Young Sheldon" began in 2017 and it is currently on season three. You can catch the newest episode tonight on CBS at 8 p.m. ET or catch up on

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