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Why 'Westworld' Season 1 Was Its Best

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By Alex Parisi

The incredibly popular HBO show Westworld just released a trailer for its 3rd season. This trailer is tense, futuristic, and fun. It highlights the coming struggle between the show's 'real world' and the synthetic robot/humans that are starting to inhabit it. It shows a tense standoff between longtime characters Dolores and Maeve, as well as highlighting a new character coming to the show played by Aaron Paul. Fans are ecstatic to see the show return, even after the lackluster reception of Season 2.

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In this article we will take a look at a few reasons why the 1st season of the show was such a hit, and some of the mistakes season 3 can hopefully avoid.

One of the biggest reasons season 1 was so beloved by fans was because it stayed true to the name of the show. In the show, the Westworld theme park is something people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to enjoy. The leave their normal lives behind and can become anyone they want.

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This made the park feel like a different place where anything could happen. There were robotic characters staying in their own story loops which the guests could interact with. The 'hosts' were the robots showing the humans around the park and leading them to all kinds of adventures.

In the 2nd season, the park and its stories almost took a backseat to some of the other storylines going on. It made the show less unique now that we were starting to breach the walls into the real world and leave the theme park behind.

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Hopefully season 3 can avoid this, but based off of the trailer that was just dropped we won't be spending a lot of time inside the park, which is a shame.

Another big reason season 2 suffered was because of the over-reliance on different timelines. In the first season we were lead to believe that the entire show happened on one continuous timeline, which was not the case. This revelation made the show and the story all the more intriguing to viewers.

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Season 2 tried to recreate this magic by having multiple timelines going on at the same time, but telling the viewer early on that this was the case. Because of this, the time-jumping tactic lost its power and became predictable and convoluted.

Season 3 needs to focus on what made the show a 'must-watch' when it first hit the scene. Interesting characters and storylines with a hint of mystery and sci-fi thrills. Only time will tell how fans will react, as season 3 starts on March 15th.

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