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Lark Voorhies Who Played 'Lisa Turtle' Has Been Excluded From Saved By The Bell Remake

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By kenadijiba

The manner in which mental health is discussed so unabashedly in the media concerning anxiety, depression, and other conditions is a great stride that we as people should be collectively proud of. But, there are still so many things to work extensively on. For one, some mental illnesses are more acceptable to discuss in comparison to others. The amount of people who will openly discuss their social anxiety without feeling embarrassed is a lot higher than those who can't even mutter about their battles with schizophrenia.

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Stigma Over Severe Mental Illness


At the end of the day having a delusional disorder or being bipolar should be respected as an illness, like cancer or diabetes is. The stigma attached to these things is almost like a subconscious blame game. When many people walk down the street and see an older gentleman talking to himself, the immediate thought is not oh he is ill. It is more of a selfish tone. One that is accusatory and joke-like, which needs to be addressed more often.

Lark Interviewed By Dr. Oz

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In an interview just published yesterday with “Saved By The Bell” star Lark Voorhies, the conversation began. Dr. Oz who was praised in the comments under the video for how professional he went about doing this interview with Lark, discussed some private issues she's been facing. Randomly at times in the media Lark would pop up and come off as not completely okay. People were genuinely worried over her state of mind, and found those who interviewed her to be very disrespectful and leech like in taking advantage of someone clearly not at their most “clear”.

Making Strides

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While talking on the couch with her psychiatrist and mother by her side, Lark did seem like she's made strides in her mental health but still wasn't all the way grounded. Which is a common thing for those who struggle with intense mental illness, and shouldn't be seen as weird or bizarre? The fact that Lark now understands what she is dealing with, and is moving forward in finding ways to live with that is wonderful. As for the relationship she has with past “Saved By The Bell '' cast mates all doesn't look too rosy.

Saved By The Bell

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The idea that Lark who played the iconic Lisa Turtle is being excluded from the “Saved By The Bell” remake had fans up in arms. How can you remove such a central character? Why would you remove such a central character? Is it because of Lark’s unpredictable nature tied to her mental illness. If so wouldn't that be a good reason for her not to be part of what could be a stressful, strenuous working project. Ultimately what might be healthy for Lark at this time is not working in television and protecting her well being over anything else.

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