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Today Is Queen Rihanna's Birthday

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By kenadijiba

If you are reading this article just stop right now, put your dainty hands together and say a quick prayer to the universe for creating our Barbadian Queen, Rihanna. Although we are all still angry over her teasing us time and again with this top-secret album that seems as if it will never drop, we will push that all to the side for this beautiful, sun-filled day. Today, Rihanna was brought into the world and to think that in 32 years she has dominated multiple industries just pushes all of us to do better.

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"Haters" Of Rihanna


Some perceived “haters” of Rihanna beg the question of what makes this woman so special? Why is she considered so royal and so strong by everyone who comes across her. It all boils down to her resilience and wild confidence. The good girl gone bad part of her journey is what molded her into the renaissance woman we all are inspired by to this day. Coming into the music industry as a spitfire, and then breaking into the pop world was another marker of Rihanna’s success.

Trauma In The Past

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

Not to mention the legitimate trauma sh e went through with her ex boyfriend Chris Brow n that was highly publicized, and could have had the power to break anyone. The way she handled that moment in her life couldn't have been more graceful nor compassionate. Incredibly this incident didn't destroy her career, it actually gave her the will to go on with her life and reinvent herself . She then went on to become the girl known for transformation and consistent hits.

Fashion Brilliance

Gettyimages | Jim Spellman

With an unmatched fashion sense that blows any other star out of the water and a multimillion dollar company attached to her family name “Fenty”, Rihanna has done it all. When you are still generally considered young, beautiful, and basically an empress where do you go from here? You have materially everything a person could ask for and a legacy that will remain for decades to come. So, is the move towards creating a family. With her recent breakup still fresh is RiRi on the hunt.

Girl Boss

Gettyimages | Thomas Barwick

In this new era of “Girl Boss' ' energy women don't need to have a white picket fence, a husband, and a crying baby on their shoulder to feel complete. Doing daily things to brighten not just your own day but those who you love around you, is soul food in itself. But, if Rihanna does desire that family unit there is nothing wrong with that at all. As people we are complex beings and subscribing to one false dream isn't going to make anyone happy.

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