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Netflix’s On My Block Is Returning

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By kenadijiba

What Netflix has done in terms of busting out time and again “A class” original content is unprecedented. During the early days of Netflix streaming people were just excited to watch nostalgia inducing shows through the accessibility of their laptops, in the comfort of their homes. To believe we would be at this point in time where Netflix is actually producing classic films and television shows that do not disappoint is mind boggling. Now most people don't look forward to watching traditional network television. They want to know what's coming this month on Netflix.

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On My Block

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To go into detail about all the fantastic shows Netflix has to offer would take forever so lets dive into the most important ones returning in these next few weeks. A small show that crept up on all of us after five minutes in was “On My Block”, the not so “forced” but duly appreciated diverse cast is what brings flavor to this bold as well as homegrown group of characters that everyone loves. Coming up on the third season there are a lot of mysterious questions that surely will be answered, and humorous appearances that make the show worth watching in the first place.



Another great show that has thriller elements in it is “Elite”. Based in Spain “Elite’s” storyline and epic development of all players carrying the show illustrates why it has been proclaimed and international success. You know there is something about a film or show when it's in another language and you're still on the edge of your bed, holding onto every subtitle with popcorn stuck in your teeth. This is the power “Elite” has and with season 2 being the resounding smash hit it was, there is going to immense pressure for season 3 to up the ante.

Sex Education

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Speaking of shows that were sleeper hits that upped the ante, Sex Education is another huge win for Netflix. The crass humor unique to the United Kingdom and eighties era inspiration in relation to the clothes department is just one of many reasons to binge the hell out of this show. On sight you are bound to fall in love with Asa Butterfields sweet but aloof character Otis, as well as cringe at but ultimately love aimlessly his overbearing mother Dr. Jean, and pray for a ride or die best friend like Eric.

The Future Of Netflix

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At the end of the day Netflix executives know what they are doing. Whoever headed this intelligent maneuver early on of producing Netflix backed projects deserves a raise of a lifetime. This decision that they made proves in the long run that risks can be worth taking. Since Netflix has opened this never ending network of possibilities a lot of other streaming sites hopped onto the bandwagon, and are taking full advantage of this new wave. It has also changed the perspective of how actors go about launching their careers. These days being backed by a huge studio isn't that important, just audition for a Netflix show.

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