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Jessa, Jinger, Jill, and Jana Duggar

'Counting On' Viewers Think Ben Sweewald May Regret Marrying Jessa Duggar

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By A. Elise

Anybody who has caught an episode of 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On will know that the Duggar family is a little bit "different." Not only are they ultra-conservative, but they also have strict rules--apparently even for their adult children.

In 2014, Counting On viewers watched Jessa Duggar marry Ben Seewald in a religious ceremony. While Ben surely knew that his wife's family had some rather strict rules, his family appears considerably less stringent. For this reason and several others, fans are beginning to think that Ben may seriously regret marrying into the family.

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Traditionally, the Duggar women have been all about keeping sweet. They stay at home and raise the children while the men in the family work. It appears that the husbands are in charge of much of the business side of life, including paying bills and going to work. Fans speculate that this does not exactly happen in the Seewald household.

In fact, many people think it is Jessa that "wears the pants" (though not literally) in the family. Jessa has always had a bold personality, and those who watch the show believe this carries over into her marriage.


You might also be surprised to discover that the Duggar and Seewald households have different religious views. Though they are both members of Christian faiths, those faiths have some differences. For instance, Ben's family attends a Calvinist church, while the Duggars are considered Baptists.

Let's break it down just a bit: Calvinists typically believe that the actions in one's life are predetermined. Even the sins a person commits are already determined by God. On the other hand, Baptists like the Duggars believe that sin is the result of a wavering relationship with God. Could the difference in beliefs lead to some tension at home?

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Some fans speculate that Ben would be much happier if he and Jessa could disconnect from the large Duggar family, particularly Jim Bob. In fact, some people believe that Jim Bob is paying the adult children an allowance and that they are not even paid by TLC to be on the show. Do Ben and Jessa need the money from the show? Do they not have their own contract with TLC? Fans think that Jim Bob is keeping these two on a tight string after the fallout with daughter Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard.

Jessa Duggar surrounded by Duggar family
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There is a prevailing theory that many fans have. They think that Ben was infatuated with Jessa's beauty and the fact that she was famous. At first, being in the spotlight was fun and exciting. Over time, he became disenchanted.

While Ben may have regrets about marrying Jessa, he does not show them often on social media. Much of the speculation comes from fans seeing him on television, especially when they hear him talk. Regardless of his feelings, it seems that he is trying to do his best as a father to three children.

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