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"I miss her more than I ever thought possible and I don’t know how to do this life without her ... but I get my STRENGTH from her and I will be OK because of HER," he captioned a series of videos. "Mama.... here come that man!!!!! What I do from this day forward is for YOU!!!! I’m going to continue to LEAP and pray that the NET appears!! It was too soon .... and it hurts so bad.... but I know you are with me and will continue to give me strength... I love you mama."

"It's not a game. It’s not a joke. I'm hurting real bad. I've been offline for some weeks, now. I've had to keep a secret out of respect," Moore said in one of the videos. "Ten days ago on February 8, 2020, my mother, Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore passed away. Trust me. I know."

In a separate post, Moore wrote, "My Mama always said “I was at the front of the line when God was handing out sons” .... and I always said 'Mama, you know I cut the line to get to you!' I love you mama

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Fans have been flocking to social media to share messages of support for Moore.

"so very sorry for your loss," one fan wrote. "Your mom was an amazing woman who raised an amazing man. Take your time.... grieve.... know she loved you so much! You have many people who care about you. Stay strong. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. Hold your mom’s love in your heart. She is part of you... always."

"love you Shemar," another said. "But you and your mom were the perfect pair and she was a blessing to you ... when you need her look in your heart and she will always be there along with all the memories... stay strong and I will be praying for you and your family for the loss of a wonderful mom and family member."

"Shemar, my heart hurts for you tonight," wrote one. "What an extraordinary woman to raise such a wonderful man as yourself!! She was proud, from all of the videos you shared you could see the unbelievable pride radiating through her. She was a beautiful soul who will be missed!! Mama is up there joking with Kristoff right now, I hope that image makes you smile!! I love you baby boy from the bottom of my tiny heart!!" a third added.

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