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'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison and current 'Bachelor' Peter Weber

There Are So Many 'Bachelor' Finale Theories, We Can't Keep Up

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Sarah Veldman

For possibly the first time in the history of The Bachelor the ending has yet to be spoiled. While there are multiple theories going around about how things will turn out, viewers are still in the dark.

The ending has been kept so secret, even the notorious Bachelor blogger Reality Steve doesn't have the answers, something entirely surprising being that he is the only one who always seems to know what is going on behind the scenes.

However, despite the fact that nobody knows what happens during the finale, there are a number of theories floating around, from pregnancy to a producer romance.

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Producers Seem To Be Enjoying All The Speculation

Giphy | The Bachelor

Not only do we not know the ending, but Peter and The Bachelor producers have been using this as somewhat of a publicity point when speaking to the media.

In January, Peter told E! News, “I didn’t go into it thinking this has to go unspoiled. But just kind of what happens, everyone will see is why I just feel that way. For me, I understand that there’s the group that wants to get all that stuff, but I kind of relate it to football. If you know who wins the Super Bowl at the end, you kind of look at the season a little differently, or you don’t look at it the same at all."

He continued, "So just because of the circumstances, for me it’s cool to know that people can possibly follow me on this journey not knowing how it ends. It’s kind of unique, and that’s the reason I brought it up. But I didn’t intend for it to go that way, it just did.”

Spoilers Can Be Great For Someone Who Likes The Publicity

Giphy | The Bachelor

The Bachelor executive producer Martin Hilton clearly doesn't allow spoilers leaking to get under his skin, as he sees it as good publicity for the show.

He told Entertainment Tonight “I’m happy he’s confident. In all my years of doing it, it’s always somehow been spoiled. For me, it’s actually sometimes free publicity, honestly."

He continued, Because I think people watch anyway, and the same way you know how a Disney movie is going to end when you start watching it, people still watch it, because you want to see the journey. So, that’s what we really focus on. And if we were to get upset about spoilers, then I’d be upset all day long.”

There Are Multiple Theories About The Finale

Giphy | The Bachelor

There are multiple theories going around about what happens at the end of the season. Many viewers think the ending still hasn't even happened yet, one of the more likely theories as this has been the case on many other After The Final Rose episodes.

Host Chris Harrison has been milking this idea in the media, telling Good Morning America, “This season is unlike any other. You truly aren’t gonna know how it’s going to end until the very end. It’s possible it’s still not over.”

Clearly, those working behind the scenes on The Bachelor are enjoying teasing the audience.

In January, Harrison told Us, “Peter Weber‘s season is unpredictable and riveting in another way and we don’t see it coming. It’s something that the producers didn’t know about, it’s something Peter and I didn’t know about. Inevitably, something happens we’ve never dealt with before. It’s gut-wrenching.”

This at least tells viewers we'll be seeing something that has never happened on the show before, hopefully narrowing down the possibilities for the finale.

Did Peter End Up With A Producer Or Get Someone Pregnant?

Giphy | The Bachelor

Many other rumors have been circulating, including the fact that Peter ended up with a producer on the show, that one of the contestants got pregnant, that he might have ended up with Hannah Brown (can we not forget about this girl already?), or that the finale will play out live.

A live finale seems like the most likely scenario, being that not one spoiler has come out yet.

ABC executive Rob Mills recently told Entertainment Tonight, "What we’ve seen about the finale over the years is that the 'finale' is really on that night when the show goes live. "

He continued, "There’s a lot of craziness, it’s a roller coaster, but I would say even now the roller coaster hasn’t ended, and it won’t end until after After the Final Rose."

Stay tuned to see what will really happen during the finale. Maybe the producers are just betraying us all, and Peter will propose, riding off into the sunset with a fiance.

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