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Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders at a previous debate

Highlights From the Nevada Democratic Debate

Gettyimages | Alex Wong
By Robin Zabiegalski

Last night's Democratic Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada made history by being the most-watched Democratic Debate ever. 19.7 million viewers tuned in last night to watch the Democratic candidates duke it out, which they absolutely did. There was nothing but fire on the stage last night.

The fact that last night's debate was the most-watched Democratic debate in history shows how important these debates are as key caucuses and primaries come closer. Voters are watching to see which candidate could beat Trump in the general election.

Here are some of the highlights of last night's debate.

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The Candidates Tore Into Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg at a campaign event
Gettyimages | Mark Wilson

The candidates tore into Bloomberg from the start of the debate right until the end.

Warren started the assault by attacking Bloomberg for being a bought billionaire who harasses women and supports racist policies, just like Trump.

Amy Klobuchar piggybacked on Warren's assertion that Bloomberg is basically Trump by saying that the Democratic party needs to present a candidate that's very different from Trump and Bloomberg isn't it.

Pete Buttigieg managed to get a jab in at Sanders while attacking Bloomberg saying that Bernie wants to destroy the Democratic party and Bloomberg wants to buy it.

Bloomberg qualified for the debate at the very last minute and it was his first time on the debate stage. The media was keen to see whether he could handle the other candidates' criticism on stage. The short answer? He absolutely couldn't.

Elizabeth Warren is Not Playing

Elizabeth Warren speaking
Gettyimages | Win McNamee

Elizabeth Warren came out swinging at last night's debate and didn't stop until her closing statement was done.

In past debates, Warren has tried to stay out of direct conflict. She's tried her best to maintain civility in the debates. But last night she abandoned this policy and showed viewers that feistiness is in her nature and it suits her.

Warren was the one to start the decimation of Bloomberg, but he wasn't her only target on the stage last night. She criticized Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Sanders' healthcare policies.

Warren came out with the most speaking time in the debate, and she spent that time well, tossing well-planned eloquent barbs at her opponents.

Klobuchar and Buttigieg Duked it Out

Amy Klobuchar
Gettyimages | Scott Eisen

Before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries, neither Buttigieg nor Klobuchar were considered frontrunners. Buttigieg surprised everyone by coming out neck and neck with Sanders in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

His debate performance last night was key to him maintaining his position in the top three or four. But instead of focusing on the issues, he got caught up in a verbal war with Klobuchar.

Buttigieg tore into her about forgetting the name of Mexico's President and made other comments about her intelligence. This prompted Klobuchar to ask whether he was calling her dumb.

Basically, the rest of their participation in the debate was spent arguing over which one of them is more qualified for the office. They both wasted their opportunities to shine because they were so focused on battling each other.

Biden Got Left Behind

Joe Biden at a campaign event
Gettyimages | Sean Rayford

Though Biden was focused and stayed on message at last night's debate, he didn't really do anything to stand out. His most memorable moments during the debate all came when he teamed up with Warren to attack Bloomberg. Unfortunately for him, Warren's barbs were better than his.

Of all the candidates, Biden spoke for the second to least amount of time during the debate. The only candidate that spoke less than him was Bloomberg. Biden did show that he could jump into the fray and stand his own, but nothing he said last night really made him stand out as the most electable candidate.

His performance was also overshadowed by the fact that protesters shouted over his closing statements about his questionable record on immigration.

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