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'Dream Horse' Looks To Be A Big Hit In April 2020

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By Lauren Capps

A promising flick set for April of this year might just be your next favorite movie. Based on a true story, this adorable film follows the story of a young woman named Jan Vokes, played by Academy Award-nominated actress, Toni Collette, who looks to find something new to spruce up her life in her simple town. And where would she find it? In the embrace of the equestrian world and a gorgeous chestnut foal to bring into the highly competitive racing world.

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This interesting film already starts to stand out, just with the relatability that stands out. Jan seems to be a wonderful character that also has more of a mundane life, which just about everyone can relate too. The struggles of everyday life, with nothing to be excited about or have something to look forward too, can be a real drag. And that is what looks like is the motivation for her to step out into the world of the equestrian.

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In a similar way to the life story, and subsequently, the movie, Seabiscuit, Dream Horse is also set about a true story. Back in 2015, a documentary named Dark Horse followed the story of the horse named Dream Alliance, and how Jan brought him up to become a legendary winner when he seemed to be set for retirement after an unexpected injury that would most likely end his racing career. Dream Horse follows that story, and from what the trailer shows, looks to have done an impeccable job.


The film has also been nominated for the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, making it seem even more impressionable to future viewers that might check it out come April. Although not all films can be nominated, and not to say they aren't respectable in their own right, but one that is in line for a possible award makes a great movie all the more sweeter. And the film to be about horses? That gives it more brownie points in my book.

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From the story, to the respectable and well-known cast (Damian Lewis, Peter Davidson, Joanna Page, to name a few), Dream Horse looks to be a huge hit come this late spring. All who enjoy equestrian movies, especially those who are fans of ones such as Flicka, Secretariat, Dreamer, and others will all flock to catch this wonderful ride of a movie. And of course, those who just love a good drama will certainly enjoy this highly anticipated, inspiring choice about hard work, determination, and a little bit of love.

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