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Cindy Crawford & Husband Rande Gerber Worry About Son, Model Presley Gerber

Gettyimages | Karwai Tang
By Marisa Roman

Presley Gerber, son of model Cindy Crawford and Casamigos-tequila-slinger Rande Gerber, has been in the headlines lately over some new body art. The twenty-year-old recently showed off a tattoo under his right eye that reads “Misunderstood.” This isn’t the first time Presley has gotten a tattoo and likely won’t be the last, yet this puzzling decision has left his parents very worried. Truth be told, some fresh face ink for a model might raise a few red flags, right?

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As per multiple sources, the family is trying to remain together within the public eye, but behind the scenes are having difficulties. First, it began when daughter Kaia, also a model, began dating SNL comedian and actor Pete Davidson, who has been known to struggle with addiction and mental health issues. Just recently last December, Davidson was seen leaving Kaia’s apartment in New York City, right after Cindy and Rande were having a very serious conversation outside. It has since been reported that Davidson and Gerber have since called it quits after a few short months of dating.

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But Kaia wasn’t the only family member to be raising concerns for the parents. Presley, who has reportedly has had struggles in the past, revealed his face tattoo just a few weeks ago from famed tattoo artist JonBoy. While this may be the first indication of son Presley having some issues to the public, the family has been quietly addressing them out of the public eye. An insider recently told E! News that the couple has been trying to get their son help since he had a DUI last year. Additionally, they think that Presley has been hanging out with a group of people that have had a negative impact on his well-being.

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While the new fact tattoo has certainly gained some attention from the public, it hasn’t all been positive. In fact, there has been quite the backlash from people on social media calling Presley a “poser” and questioning why the fresh-faced model would permanently inscribe the word “misunderstood” under his eye. Presley has responded to the critics on an Instagram Live video saying “If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have done it. I think that’s a pretty obvious thing,”

Gettyimages | Tal Rubin

According to the insider, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are advocating for better mental health care for their son. Gerber has been in treatment before this, but this time it may be a bit more serious. Meanwhile, sister Kaia has been trying to take care of her brother as much as possible, but with her schedule as a high-end, in-demand model, she’s whisked across the globe quite regularly. Kaia recently posted her own IG photo in support of her brother showing off her own tattoos, although these remain a bit more under-the-radar.

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