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Cardi B 'Thru Your Phone' and 'Be Careful' Are Women's Anthems & Warnings to Cheaters

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By Lacretia Roberts

It has been some time since the release of the Cardi's Grammy winning album 'Invasion of Privacy,' though the message of her songs lives strong in her female fans all over the world. Dating has definitely changed pace in the age of 2020 and divorce rates are climbing at an all time high of 50% according to the American Psychological Association.

It goes without saying that many issues causing divorce can stem from trust issues, communication errors and infidelities by either partner.

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Infidelity or not, Cardi hasn't let anything stop her from making money.

She partnered with Adam Levine for the making of their number one hit, 'Girls Like You' and also topped charts with 'I Like It'.

She has a style all her own and a sexy confidence to match, which was showcased when fans got the pleasure of seeing her as a judge on Netflix's Rhythm and Flow.

The fashionista made unforgettable remarks riddled with Cardi B style humor and she truly showed a genuine passion to help rising talent.

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Perhaps her recent successes and the joy of raising her daughter Kulture have allowed her to move past hubby Offset's disloyalty. Of course she wouldn't be the first gorgeous super star to face these types of issues.

Beyonce who recently gifted Cardi a sample from her new clothing line, also voiced her frustrations about husband Jay Z being unfaithful with the release of her Lemonade album.

We live in a world where even Halle Berry was cheated on, so what are women to do when they face the tough roads of heartbreak?

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Cardi married Offset in 2017 and released 'Invasion of Privacy' just one year after her nuptials.

Joining the list as yet another victim in the world of celebrity wives who have been publicly cheated on, she too used her gift as a craft to unleash her passionate wrath through an epic album.

Winning both a Grammy for Best Rap Album and BET's Album of the Year Award, her music was a raw and revealing truth for women in relationships with cheating men and husbands.

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Cardi's song 'Be Careful" warns that she isn't to be played with as her lyrics state " heart is like a package with a fragile label on it, be careful with me."

She discusses how a man can even make a woman look at herself differently with lyrics, 'You even got me trippin, got me looking in the mirror different, thinkin I'm flawed because you're inconsistent."

A verse which reflects a woman's tendency to doubt herself because of the wrongs done to her in a relationship, Cardi knows too many women can relate.

While 'Be Careful' serves as a gentle warning, 'Thru Your Phone' was a bit more direct. Lyrics that boast, "I just wanna break up all your sh-t, call your mama's phone and let her know that she raised a b-tch, then dial tone click." and "I'ma make you a bowl of cereal with a teaspoon of bleach, serve it to you like , here you go, nigga bon apetite,"_ fans can actually vent and feel the pain of a woman heart broken.

Though poisoning may not be at the top of every scorned woman's list, Cardi has long since forgiven Offset as she remains the last faithful member of her marriage on her continual rise to greatness.

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