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The Battle Between Sony and Disney

Unsplash | Joseph Chan
By Justin Anakani

Disney and Sony are businesses at the end o the day that want to make money; Spider-man is one of the biggest comic book superheroes and one of the biggest franchises of all time. The company that owns this franchise will not only be running the movie industry, but they will also be running the entertainment industry as a whole. Disney is a conglomerate that owns pretty much everything but Sony has the one thing that Disney can't get a hold of Spider-man. How can this play out and how can Disney and Sony move on from this?

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Disney's Side

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Disney is a kingdom, and a kingdom that owns a lot of land, properties, rights, and franchises. Disney owns ESPN, ABC, National Geographic, and Hulu. They have their own streaming platform, Disney+, which is really changing the mainstream streaming dynamic in society. They own a multitude of one of the best sources of entertainment on the planet, and they are able to capitalize off of it more than the creators of the products that consumers take for granite. Acquiring Spider-man will only allow that empire to grow and for Disney further their monopolistic outreach.

Sony's Side

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While Sony is also a huge corporation with great and tantalizing franchises, they are less grand and monopolistic than Disney. In recent years, Sony movies have been on the rise and are getting praises from both the fans and the critics. There's the success of obviously the live action Spider-man movies, but there's also Venom, and the Oscar award winning movie, Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. As you can see, the recent major hits are Spider-man oriented movies, so it will be unwise for them to give up their cash cow to Disney who will benefit mostly from the transaction.

Tom Holland's Stance

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Tom Holland has been acting as the mediator on this entire kerfuffle between Disney and Sony. Disney wants Spider-man to further their collection of franchises and Sony doesn't want to get ripped off. Tom Holland is being pulled a part bu both parties here because he truly wants to keep being Spider-man and be a part of the fun that has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There needs to be concessions on both sides of the issue and Tom Holland is the webbing that had brought it together.

The Dust Clears

Unsplash | Elijah O'Donnell

As of right now, Disney's and Sony contracts has been renewed. Previously, it was Sony who made the profits and the films and Disney had the merchandising rights to Spider-man. Now after their talk, Disney agrees to pay 25% of the cost of the film in exchange for 25% of the profits. There will be a new Spider-man movie to come and Tom Holland is going to be putting on the Spider-man mask for future MCU events. This are cleared up for now.

Future of Marvel

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This will come again. There will be a time where Sony and Disney will be at odds over the rights of Spider-man, one of the world's most titular franchises. Each company will try to bite off more than what they can chew. Maybe next time, Tom Hollnd won't be enough to assuage the egos of both these massive corporations. Sony should recognize the gold mine that they have and be very defensive with Spider-man's franchise. Whatever money Disney may give them, they can potentially make it back and more by money made off of Spider-man. This will be a real challenge for Disney down the line in the future.

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