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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton: The Public's Obsession With Her Being Queen

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson
By Jennifer Vaughn

According to an article published on Showbiz Cheatsheet, Kate Middleton is one of the most popular members of the royal family per public opinion polls.

There is also an obsession with Kate one day being Queen, though it won't likely be any day in the near future. It is actually Prince Charles that is next in line for the throne, not Prince Willliam. At Prince Charles' side is Camilla. It seems at though the public has forgotten it is Camilla that will be Queen before Kate.

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So why the public obsession if Prince Charles and Camilla are next in line for the throne? Well, it could be credited largely to Kate's popularity.

Regardless of speculation, what is true is that Camilla, when she actually does become Queen, could be Queen for a very long time. There is no way to know exactly when Prince William and Kate could even possibly assume the role of King and Queen, but that does not mean that Kate cannot excel in her many roles until then.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Queen Elizabeth
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In a 2012 article published by 'Vanity Fair,' Kate admitted to finding some required daily royal tasks stressful around a year after her wedding in 2011. Back then, she was said 'to find the constant clothes changes (up to five a day if the itinerary includes shooting, tea, and a formal dinner) and the omnipresence of a full household of staff rather stressful.'

That does sound like a rather stressful and busy day-to-day life. Still, things have settled down a great deal since 2012. Unless of course, one thinks of the Megxit drama.

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton
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Since early in her marriage to Prince William, Kate has found normalcy in her daily life.

She became a mother for the first time in 2013 and has since gone on to have two more children. That surely contributes to a busy, yet fulfilled life in addition to her royal duties. In a January 2020 podcast earlier this month, Kate admitted to having 'mommy guilt' and that 'no mother is spared from it.' The podcast aired on February 15, 2020.

She takes her kids to school when her schedule allows for it, and she also brings her children with her on official visits 'whenever possible.'

Kate Middleton
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Sometimes, the sheer number of things Kate must do as a royal may be overlooked or unknown by some.

As a member of the royal family, Kate's role is to aid the Queen in carrying out her duties. Taking part in charitable service is also important. Every year, the royal family conducts over 2,000 official engagements. They also entertain over 70,000 people.

This is just a small part of what Kate must do in her daily life. While she may not be the Queen, or the next Queen in line, she does so much in her current role to benefit the people of the UK.

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