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Selena Gomez in yellow silk dress

Selena Gomez Looks Like An Angel in a Silky Dress: Did Justin Bieber Let Go of a Gem?

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By Tia Kitchens

Selena Gomez hasn't always had it easy. Oh no this girl has been through some things when it comes to relationships at least. But is she finally all healed up from the drama that was her and Justin Bieber? According to the most recent pictures, it seems that she is finally healed and happy. Just look at that stunning dress she's in!

The real question though is did Justin Biever let go of a gem? Did he end up letting her get away?

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Selena in sparkly dress
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The truth of the matter is she may be the one that got away but Justin is also happy now too. Selena is a gem to us all. She is this amazing woman that can make anyone smile. She is this powerful woman and while we would have loved to see her with Justin we realize now that they were not meant for one another.

They both found happiness apart and that is the bet part about this. They can both be happy while growing as people.

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Selena opened up to her fans on her Instagram that being vulnerable wasn't easy. That her new album was hard to let herself feel that. Let her raw emotions come out into the world. Though she does say that she needed this to really feel like she can move forward with everything.

Where she could have just kept hashing it out with Justin she put all her effort into songwriting. She put everything there and while it was hard to do she managed to make this stunning album named Rare.

Selena in jeans and jacket sitting
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

There is one song that is clearly about Justin in her new album. "I needed to lose you to love me" actually hits more than just Selena. This song is a powerful healing message to those who have had people they love hurt them over and over. Once they were gone they were able to find a way to love themselves.

Which is exactly what Selena has done. Sure, Justin let go of this incredible woman, and it hurt our hearts just a little to see that happen. But in the end Selena needed to figure out just who she was and she didn't need him.

Selena in pink sweater
Gettyimages | Tibrina Hobson

So, yes Justin Bieber did let go of a gem. He got his own gem to love in his wife though. Selena will find her own person to make her feel like the queen she is. Sometimes we have to know that letting go of something that doesn't truly make you happy is what is best.

It is hard and as Selena pointed out it "it ain't easy to be vulnerable" really rings true. It isn't easy to let yourself be this raw person. Maybe with her new album, we will see more young women and men loving themselves to be happy. And maybe we will get to see even more amazing outfits too.

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