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'Parasite' Getting IMAX Release As Bong Joon-ho Makes Return To Korea

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By Kasey Williams

The hits just keep coming for writer/director -- and Oscar-winner -- Bong Joon-ho.

As the hometown hero makes his triumphant return to his home country, his Academy Award-winning Best Picture Parasite will be getting a one-week IMAX release.

That, coupled with its post-Oscars box office bump, will help the picture surpass $50 million at the domestic box office, something a large portion of recent Best Picture-winners rarely does. That's a win in and of itself, not including the fact that those were all English-language.

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At a press event in Seoul, South Korea on Wednesday, Joon-ho and his cast reflected on their time at the 92nd Academy Awards.

“Compared to Hollywood studios and Netflix, our Oscars campaign was smaller. Other nominees had enormous ads on billboard and TV ads,” said Bong at the press conference. “We, NEON, CJ Entertainment and Barunson, however, closed ranks and managed to cover the gap with our passion. There were times I found such expensive campaigns awkward, but I’ve come to think that is, in a sense, a process to examine and appreciate each film in so much depth.”

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Song Kang Ho, who played the lead actor in the South Korean thriller, described their campaigning as a "journey."

When asked about his experience at the ceremony, he was very candid.

"If you look at the clips [from the Oscars] closely, you must be able to see me trying not to be overwhelmed by excitement too much. In Cannes, I was so excited that I [hugged] Bong too hard and ended up cracking his ribs,” said the actor, who turned 53 in January.

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Bong has jumped into the small screen world with HBO, where he will adapt Parasite into a "five or six episode" mini-series with Adam McKay.

"It will be a five to six-episode limited series; no season 2 or 3. We are developing it as a dense black comedy/crime series that thoroughly explores the rich-poor gap of our time,” said Bong. “It is not official that Tilda Swinton and Mark Ruffalo will star in the series, as some hasty stories have reported recently."

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"The ‘Snowpiercer’ series, which is set for TV premiere in May in North America, took some five years to be aired. The HBO version of ‘Parasite’ series is in a very early phase of development and will take similarly long.”

Joon-ho appears busy as of late, as he has two other productions -- one in English and one in his native South Koran -- gearing up for pre-production. He's described those films as similar in scope to Parasite and his previous work Mother.

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